Front Door: Facing West


n a previous blog, I wrote how the direction of your front door can impact your life in that house.

If your house faces west, as mine does, the sun certainly hits your front door on a daily basis, but the sunlight of the afternoon is much harsher and brighter than the early morning sun. One of my professors said that the sunlight is depleted of the positive chi, therefore the quality is not as embracing to the home as the east.

The west is represented by the fall and early metal energy. It is the area that is about the joy that you get when you complete projects. The satisfaction of a productive day. It also represents children and creativity. Happy occasions can be had in this house, with parties and lively entertainment.

To ensure the positive qualities of this house, have some earth or metal energy at the front door, such as a yellow or white door.

If the frivolity is too much in this home, add a water feature to temper the metal energy.


  1. I'm looking at a condo to buy and I noticed the front door is facing West and the Pool is offset to the front of the door. Is this good or bad in Feng Shui?

  2. Kristen,
    When you say the pool is ‘offset’, tell me, is it to the left or right, when facing the front door? Is it in the FRONT of the house or on the side or backyard?

  3. My front door faces west…northwest. Currently, I have a red door and Love it; however, according to rule, I should consider white, gray or metal. How do I make this work with a red and white brick home with black shutters?

  4. Great question! Actually I have seen Red as a complement to the West. Although it’s not via the 5 elements (Fire melts the Metal of the West direction) it’s more about the area it represents – Sunsets and Completion of projects. So, red can actually work here. If you love it and you are doing well in this home (specifically Career), then it works for you!

  5. I just bought a house and its west facing…my backyard which is east facing is quite open and doors to the backyard is also quite big with good ventilation. Since I am a first time home buyer, I am a little nervous and want things to work for us. The front door is west facing, sitting area in LR is south facing. Also, my backyard has a little slope towards south as the house is on a south slope. Is this good chi? If not what can I do to fix it?

  6. Shakeen,
    Congratulations on your new home! Add some earth or metal energy to your front door area (as per my blog post). Regarding the south slope of your home – since you are West facing, the south side of your home represents the male energy. If you have an abundance of tall trees on the south slope of your home, that is fine. If the slope drops off quickly and/or there is little vegetation there, I would suggest adding some shrubs that will grow quickly – to boost this up. Or, you can place a statue of a dragon or male figure here to represent support on this side of the home. Best of luck!

  7. Thanks for the prompt reply Maureen, I really appreciate it!!! It’s not a very steep slope… I was thinking of planting vegetation, the only issue is that I cannot plant long trees due to town rules… Can 6 feet tall shrubs be enough? Also, do I need to place the dragon statue in my backyard(facing north) or can I place inside the house anywhere on the south side , facing north?

  8. 6 ft. tall shrubs will be fine if you create the intention of boosting up this side of the property for the male head of household.

    The dragon statue should be on the side, in the south – again, with the same intention of supporting the male head of household.

  9. Hello Maureen,

    Please help me and my family out of this situation at present. My house has a gate which is facing west and it opens only outside. And the main door is also facing west. Now there have been many of my friends coming in and saying that its bad omen to have door facing west. I have been asked to get it closed and open a door from north side. But, this would be an expensive affair. Could you please help me in giving me some solution which will not harm any of us in the family.
    At present my dad is sick and is bed ridden. Even this has been linked to the same door issue. We have been staying in this house since about a decade and have been facing one problem or the other. Like mom passed away, my wife had a fracture and a surgery in her right elbow. I had a collar bone fracture. I fell from my bike many a times.
    Maureen, please be the angel and help me and my family out of this situation by suggesting something which will get good luck.

  10. Rakesh,
    I don’t feel this is primarily a door issue. Facing west should not cause this much trouble in your family. I certainly would NOT recommend opening up a new door facing north either. There are many other things that can be happening in your space that contribute to illness and misfortune besides the door. I am sorry, but I cannot give a recommendation without seeing the entire space and doing a remote consultation. I can do a Skype and email consultation with you. If you are interested in tackling this. Please email me at

  11. Helllo,

    I have bought a house , it’s main door faces West. I have garage towards right and Main door is towards left. Is there any advice for this.

    Thank you

  12. Hi,

    We are trying to sell our house which has a west facing front door situated at the back of the house. Can you give me any tips that could help with enhancing good chi and helping us sell this challenging property?
    We would appreciate any tips at all.

    Thank you

  13. Hi,
    Our house is a bungalow, with our door on the side facing west. We’re both east group people. And this is supposed to be our worst direction. How do we temper it and encourage good energy. Our door is mahogany.

  14. Hi Maureen,
    We are looking to change our home. We saw this one home that faces west. We are told that South and West facing homes are not good for growth, prosperity, good friends etc. Can you suggest if we should consider purchasing this house ?


    Atul Thakur

  15. Hi Maureen

    we recently bought a condo and the following are the door locations :

    Main door : west facing
    Condo door : south facing
    condo back door : east facing

    we’ve been using the backdoor as the main door to exit and enter the house.
    Ever since we’ve moved into this house there have been constant disturbances and fights between me and my husband and we wonder if it has anything to do with the door locations or other vast reasons. Please help.

  16. my flats main door is in the west. when i am entering my house i am facing east. is it fine. do i need to change the position.

  17. Thank you for your question, Kanu. The way the front door faces could be just one of the issues with your new space. You can determine what is best for your birth dates with my ebook Feng Shui Front Door. It’s only $4.97. If you’d like more detailed help, perhaps you’d like to do a long distance consultation. Let me know. The best to you, Maureen

  18. Hi Maureen,

    Thanks for response to all question.

    In 2011 ,We bought a house and the following are direction of door and property location . Since then we are facing many problems regarding job & finical problem

    1> Property entrance : South facing.
    2> Main door to house : West facing.
    3> Garage : North facing.
    4> Stair case to 1st floor is located just opposite to Main door.
    5 >Kitchen & dinning ( Main door left side).
    6 >Leaving room ( Main door right side).
    7 >Master bed room ( 1st floor -South side).
    8> Prayer room ( 1st floor Just above the Kitchen).

    Please advice if we need to do any Vastu remedy ?

    Appreciate your quick response

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