2015 Predictions: Year of the Wood Ram

2015 Chinese Year of the RamI have great news! The energy for the past two years has been challenging for many, but the Wood Ram’s energy promises to be very different.

If you’ve been working hard the last two years, then you will finally see achievement of goals in 2015. And, if you’ve had trouble these last two years, this year will be a turning point for you. If you want success, you can get it, if you look for a new approach to reach your goals.

The Ram is the most feminine of Chinese zodiac animals (also known as the Goat or Sheep). Some keywords for the year: creativity, artistry, consideration, patience, and economic stability! Not bad!

So here is a tidbit of information on how your Chinese Zodiac Animal will fair this year:

Rat – Well, it can’t be great for everyone. Sorry Rat. It’s a bit of a confrontational year for you. Beware of backstabbers. However, you will have fortune and helpers there to support you. Be sure to attend events that are happy and will uplift your spirits.

Ox – This should be a quiet year for you. It is a good time to study. It can brings challenges, both physical and mental, but alas, challenge is what makes us learn and grow! There could actually be a change for the better!

Tiger – Happy events for you this year, Tiger! There are many helpful people around you and you can have a boost in your career. One caution: talk less and do more!

Rabbit (Hare) – A good luck year for you that will increase your income! Career will be positive, although you will need patience. Be sure to maintain balance with your relationships and family life.

Dragon – Good luck is in the cards for you this year! You have helpful people to support you, as well as career opportunities. Good luck with earning money.

Snake – Good opportunities to make things happen this year – don’t sit back and wait for it to find you! Singles may have luck finding a significant other. Travel is favored.

Horse – You are in harmony with the Ram, so fortune follows! There may be a lot of activity for you. You may experience major changes in your life, but know that things are getting better.

Ram (Goat or Sheep) – There will be a lot of activity, Ram. The spotlight is on you for better or worse! Unexpected occurrences which may be exhilarating or exhausting.  It is still your year!

Monkey – Your luck is good this year! Fortune in business, helpful people, and for female Monkeys, perhaps a new man in your life! You will also learn how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating.

Rooster – This may be a difficult year for you, Rooster. You will need to be very independent and motivated to get things done. But good news – the energy lightens up as we go through the year. Things will get better, especially if you donate your money and/or time to charity and do good deeds.

Dog – There will be challenges this year, but you find challenge rewarding, Dog! Expect help from females in your circle – personal and professional.

Pig – This will be a good year! The Pig has a good relationship with the Ram. Fortune in career and opportunities. Watch that the added focus on career does not adversely affect relationships.

My source for this wonderful information is Marina Lighthouse at www.fengshuishopper.com. Check out her full forecast that includes guidance on talismans for each zodiac animal for 2015.

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