8 Ways to Incorporate Nature into Your Home

Many studies have shown that incorporating nature into our indoor spaces improves our focus and feeling of well-being. And we since we spend 90% of our days, on average, indoors, you might want to consider some of these simple ways to “bring nature in!”

natural materials bedroom1. Light – Take advantage of locations in your home that have great natural light. Use these spaces to spend the bulk of your awake time. Sunlight makes us feel positive.

2. Views – Again, take advantage of spaces with natural views in your home. I’ve had a few clients that have used a basement as a home office. My recommendation to them was to find a space to spend the most of their time, perhaps using a laptop, to afford the best nature views. If there are no nature views, artwork containing nature can provide similar effects. Nature views are very restorative, and helps creativity and focus.

3. Plants – Add live plants to your home. Live plants are not only visually appealing, but they “eat” toxins and re-fresh the air with oxygen and moisture.

4. Natural Materials – Incorporate natural materials in furnishings and objects. Wood, stone, and seashells are “live” materials versus man made materials which feel “dead.” (Don’t believe me? Sit at a Formica table versus one made with wood and let me know what you think!)

5. Patterns – Use fabrics with nature patterns, such as botanical, wildlife, or other designs that mimic patterns found in nature.

6. Colors – Paint walls a natural color, which tends to be soothing. Flooring should be dark (such as soil or leaves underfoot), while ceilings should be light (like the sky), which mimics the natural world. (NASA found that following these rules made astronauts able to orient themselves to their environments).

7. Curves – Incorporate curves wherever possible. Nature does not utilize straight lines.

8. Prospect & Refuge – At your desk, in bed, and any other favorite seating area, position yourself so that you have the maximum view of the room and can easily see the door to the room. This provides a sense of security, as well as a feel of command of the room. (This hearkens back to primitive days spent hunting on the savanna).

There are many more ways to “bring nature in,” also known as biophilic design, but this is a great start.

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