Cozy Up This Autumn With Feng Shui

feng shui living roomAs part of nature, we seek balance and harmony in our lives. So when the weather gets cold outside, we bring warmth inside. Cozy up this autumn with some feng shui tips!

According to feng shui, the balance of yin and yang is an important goal in our homes to feel at peace. So when we enter this time of the year that is more yin (cold, still, and dark) we crave the balance of yang (warm, active, and bright).

My feng shui philosophy focuses on our connection to the Earth and bringing nature into our homes. So, one of my favorite ways to decorate a home is by using natural materials, textures, and colors.

Bring the Elements of the Season into Your Home

There is nothing better than a home that is welcoming no matter what time of year. Here are some things that I do to make my home more cozy and “connected” with this special time of year:

Yang represents the vitality of relationships, gatherings, connection and opening the heart, so there’s a big focus on my family room now. This is where my family gathers and gets cozy together. We enjoy the warmth of a comfy sectional that allows us to all sit, share and enjoy each other’s company.

The most common focal point in a family room is the fireplace. Fire is one of the Five Elements according to Chinese philosophy (the others are wood, earth, metal and water). Fire is the most yang of all the elements and represents the peak of the Sun and summertime. Isn’t it interesting that we reach for fire when we are entering the period of autumn and winter?

The fire brings both a soft light and warmth as well as a great cozy feeling to the room. And if you don’t have a fireplace, no need to fret. Just sprinkle several candles around the room and see how much it can contribute to the mood. These birch bark candles (below) are handmade with beeswax and are a great addition to my family room.

I make sure that there are plenty of cozy faux fur throws and pillows within reach, so everyone feels relaxed and informal. I love to incorporate the color palette of the season through these items.

One of the biggest home decor challenges is appropriate lighting. It can literally make or break the feng shui of a space. Lighting is even more so important as the days are shorter this time of year. I make sure that there are different lighting sources for various activities such as reading, television viewing, gathering, and even napping! The right amount of ambient and task lighting are crucial in making a room feel comfortable.

(Below) Love the faux animal skin rug and table. I gather up pine cones on my walks and place in wicker baskets to add a touch of the Wood Element in my home.

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How will you decorate your home this fall and winter to make it welcoming and inviting no matter what the weather is?

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