Creating a Feng Shui Garden: Earth Element


Incorporating the 5 natural elements into a garden space is natural – especially the Earth element. Earth is represented by soil, rocks, and stone; materials of terra cotta and pottery. Earth colors are the colors of of yellow, and the colors of soil from sandy beiges to orangey clays and muddy browns.  Other ways to incorporate Earth is by installing low, flat horizontal planes in furnishings or through creating tiers in your landscape (check out this service).

My favorite way to add Earth to a garden is with rocks and stones. You can create a tranquil Zen garden or just a cool, simple, easy-to-maintain rock garden.

Earth brings stability and groundedness to our lives. It provides the foundation from where all else comes. Earth is the substance of life. Earth is the mother, the nurturer.  We need a healthy amount of Earth in our lives.

Best Places for Earth

The best places to install Earth elements on your property are in the directions of Southwest, West, NorthWest and Northeast. Romance & Relationships reside In the Southwest, as well as the energy for the female head of household. Installing seating for two is a great way to bring in Earth here.

A colleague of mine, Eric Hagenbruch who is one of the Sutton gardening pros who created a beautiful stone fireplace that is a great way to incorporate both Fire, Earth and Romance into the SW corner (aka Romance & Relationships) of your property. Perfect for romance and building relationship with others.

In the West, Earth nurtures Metal (naturally residing in the West). West represents completion, creativity and children/future. Yellow flowers are great here.

The Northwest is also Metal and represents Helpful People in our lives and Travel. It also is where the energy of the male head of household resides. A stone male statue is great here.

The Northeast is Earth energy and represents Knowledge and Spirituality. An outside reading nook or meditation area is great, built or decorated with stone materials.

Some Beautiful Examples

I just visited a new client and they have big boulders surrounding their driveway and gorgeous rocks that they just excavated from the Herkimer Diamond mines upstate NY.

I found this wonderful stone bench online:









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