Divine Feminine Dreams

dream symbols[I started this post in December 2020 and realized that I never finished it. Now I’ve added a most recent dream theme.]

I have been reflecting on my dream life for nearly twenty years now and recently, I’m helping students do the same.

In the last week (December 2020), I’ve had a couple of dreams on the same theme: birthing.

Not a new theme for me, I usually interpret babies and small children with new creative projects. And right now, I have several new projects in their early, baby stages. So I reviewed them in my dream journal as it relates to my personal work.

But both dreams were short and odd, and I didn’t know what to make of one of them.

It was only a week later, having had another dream that I saw something new and interesting. Sometimes we need a bit of distance and curiosity, as well as the insight to look at the bigger picture.

What emerged was fascinating!

The Mystery Revealed

I believe that my dreams are showing a shift in masculine and feminine roles!

In the first dream, I was helping both men and women deliver babies. That was it. In the dream, nothing was odd about the fact that men were having babies. I was helping with their transitions to a new stage in their lives.

Several nights later, I was the one pregnant in the dream, surrounded by midwives. I thought I had given birth, but looked down and saw that my belly was full and uncomfortable. The baby’s elbows were moving along the surface of my stomach. I was ready (or thought I was) and I knew the baby wanted out, too!

But the message clearly was “not yet.”

The third dream also had men, doing an unusual task. These men were football player types that worked as a contrast to their activity. They were putting together flower arrangements in a tight space.

Now, in March 2022, I had another birthing dream.: In the dream, I didn’t realize that I was pregnant, but went into hospital and they were preparing me to give birth. The baby’s head crowned and I would deliver imminently. The nurse said that the baby was ready to fly out!  I was both shocked and amazed!

What Dreams Could Mean

Personally, I look at birth as the birth of a creative project. I have been working on several projects, and most recently, the manuscript of my second book on nature experiences. So, this dream can just be a reflection of my book finally coming into being.

But with dream themes that are larger than life, we should also consider the collective meaning for all of us, too.  And I do believe that the 5D energy of the Divine Feminine is upon us. She is coming through. “She” meaning the energies of light, love, compassion, kindness, and sense of community.

While writing my book I re-read some passages from The Women’s Book of Dreams, by Connie Kaplan. For those of you who are interested in reading more, I highly recommend her book! She talks about the moon cycles, astrology, and collective dreaming as the realm of the feminine.

What About You?

If you don’t already have a dream journal practice, I recommend that you start one. It is amazing the spiritual guidance that I have received over the years that helps me on my journey and life path.

What are you dreaming of? Are you also having birthing dreams? Let me know!


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