Feng Shui & Ceiling Heights

Over the years ceilings heights has risen. The larger the home, the higher the ceilings, so it seems. In fact, high ceiling heights were usually reserved for the foyer, then it moved to the living room and/or family room. Now you see high ceilings in many master bedrooms and throughout the home.

Feng shui doesn’t like high ceilings, nor does it like low ceilings – a balance between the two is best. Somewhere between 8-10 feet is standard and with good reason: it allows you to comfortably move around yet is still good for energy conservation.

Feng Shui & Ceiling HeightsHigh Ceilings
High ceilings does not contain your chi well. Energy easily rises and can get trapped up in the heights and you can feel drained and fatigued and are especially poor for those that are ill. However, if you have a home that has high ceilings, don’t fret. There are some relatively simple things you can do to make it better feng shui.

– Paint the ceiling a dark, rich color that will draw the chi downward
– Add a horizontal line with paint, molding or artwork that will also give the illusion of lowering it
– Heavy, dark furnishings will help add weight and groundedness to the space

Low Ceilings
On occasion, I have visited homes on Long Island that are old bungalows, never meant to be lived in all year round. They sometimes have very low ceilings that make even me feel a bit uncomfortable and at 5’4″ that is saying a lot!

Striped wallpaper for low ceilings
Striped wallpaper for low ceilings

Low ceilings constrict your chi, pushing down on your energy field. Again, there are some illusions that will help you remedy low ceilings:

– Paint the ceiling a white or light color that will make the ceiling appear higher
– Incorporate vertical lines, such as in striped wallpaper (as seen here)
– Use light-colored, low furnishings that will make the room feel more spacious

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