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Some people are surprised to hear that Feng Shui is not only practiced in Asia, but the Middle East and Europe are much further along in integrating Feng Shui into their architectural design practices than we are!

And since Feng Shui is all about creating spaces that make people feel good, the industry that has really latched onto it is hospitality. With the traditional travel season approaching, here are some places that you might want to visit.

Hotel Corbin near Munich, Germany, has used an abundance of natural materials in their design that provides a healthy, indoor environment. Earth-tone rooms, a giant rock crystal and fountains in the lobby connect the space to the natural world.

De La Mer Feng Shui Hotel in Tel Aviv embraced the concept of Feng Shui so much so that they incorporated it into their name. Using the compass to orient the building and main rooms, use of the 5 natural elements and placement of furnishings to create a positive flow of chi creates a wonderful space.

Avalon Hotel in West Sweden is a feng shui-certified hotel, with water fountains, wind chimes, rounded edges and a positive flow of chi used in the architectural design. The fact that the hotel floats on pontoon-type boats along the river front, is not good Feng Shui (buildings should be built on solid ground), but at least the decor is! And, that rooftop pool sounds like fun!

Well, what article about Feng Shui hotels cannot mention this one. In Beijing, China, The Pangu Hotel, takes Feng Shui to the extreme! Created in the shape of a dragon, the building (very yang energy) seeks to complement the yin energy of the neighboring lake. The "dragon" faces south, which is the most auspicious direction in Feng Shui, receiving the full power of the sun. The complex is built on what is known in Feng Shui as a "dragon vein" which is a special site for power and prosperity.

Watch for more Feng Shui hotels, some even in the U.S., coming soon! If you have any you'd like to share, leave a comment and I will gladly check it out!

Photo credits: (Top) www.corbin-hotel.de; (bottom) www.panguhotel.com

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