Feng Shui – Lessons Learnt From a True Master

Giselaby Gisela Stehr, Guest Blogger

The art and science of feng shui is now more popular than ever. There are literally thousands of websites and hundreds of teachers eagerly waiting to instruct you in the ways of feng shui. So when you come across a true master of this art, it is with great joy and delight.

William Spear is one such master and a perfect choice for the very first lecturer in your Luminous Spaces MASTER Series™, on Long Island, New York! He was one of the first internationally acclaimed feng shui scholars and practitioners in the Western hemisphere.

His teachings go far beyond the confines of the popularly conceived perimeters (or parameters) of feng shui. What really makes his approach, Intuitive Feng Shui®, unique is that it opens your eyes to a broader perspective of this multi-layered art and science. With an amazing grasp of the complexities of ancient Oriental Cosmology, Feng Shui, Traditional Chinese Medicine, 9-Star Ki Astrology, William assembles all the parts of the puzzle in a way you never realized before, opening your eyes to a stirring holistic world view.

In his presentations William demonstrates the unique ability to uncover the deeper connections of the many life disciplines and their inter-connectedness, traditional as well as modern ones, in a very comprehensible way. These deeper aspects of the ancient art of feng shui are needed now more than ever. They have and continue to have an impact not only on our every-day living but also on far-reaching world affairs, re-connecting us to more balance and harmony with the earth, nature and all sentient beings.

In my search for a feng shui mentor and teacher I came across William’s international bestseller Feng Shui Made Easy (first issued in 1995 and reissued in an expanded and revised edition in 2010 by North Atlantic Books). After reading the book and then taking several of his courses, he became my primary teacher and mentor in feng shui.

To this day I am very grateful for not having left – as many did – his very demanding practitioner training program in Intuitive Feng Shui®. As the director of the Emerald Feng Shui Institute, I am now in the position to pass on these principles and their life values in my courses. William is also a very popular guest lecturer at my school. The responses of my students are overwhelmingly positive. Most importantly I have learnt to embrace feng shui principles as invaluable guides in my own life.

William gives us invaluable guidance at a time when our civilization is undergoing important and consequential changes, and provides the necessary tools to navigate our individual paths with ease and comfort. William Spear was and remains to this day one of the greatest feng shui teachers/masters in the Western hemisphere.

By Gisela Stehr ©, Certified Feng Shui Consultant in Intuitive Feng Shui®, Director and Founder of the Emerald Feng Shui Institute, Seattle

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