Form School Principles – Interiors

In this blog post, I discussed the basics of Form School Feng Shui and how it was created and applies to exterior environments.

In today’s post, I’ll show you how to apply Form School principles to your main indoor areas: home office (or work office) and bedroom.

Home (or Work) Office

How you position your desk will impact how comfortable you’ll feel during the day. So many of my clients place their desk against the wall to hide the various cables and wires necessary for office equipment. However, by putting your back to the door, you create vulnerability. You can be easily startled when someone enters the office.

As in the above diagram, place your desk in the central position.  You should have a solid wall behind your desk.  A large piece of furniture (such as a bookcase or armoire) can also work.  This is your foundation, your support. You can hang artwork with mountains to give you added support if you find that necessary.

As you are sitting at your desk, it is best to have a larger piece of furniture to your left (or wall) and smaller piece to the right. This mimics the natural path of the sun in the sky, from your position.

An open space in front of your desk allows chi to gather and provide opportunities for your business success.


Same as the office desk, you should have that solid “tortoise” wall behind your headboard to give you a solid foundation. Larger furnishings or large artwork to the left (while laying in bed) and smaller furnishings to the right.

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