How to Create a Peaceful Home

feng shui peaceful homeJust today, I am working with a client that has asked me to help her create a peaceful home. With two small children and a new, very busy career, this is definitely challenging, but there are some environmental tips, incorporating feng shui ideas into your home:

1. Incorporate natural colors wherever possible, such as earth tones (beiges/browns), greens and blues.

2. Decorate with live plants, fresh flowers, stones, and seashells – natural elements!

3. Hang artwork with nature themes

4. Good, appropriate lighting for each room and minimize sound pollution with use of fabrics

5. Maintain a good balance of yin and yang or complementary opposites (see below):
Dark – Bright
Still – Busy
Deep colors -Light colors
Soft surfaces – Hard surfaces
Carpet/rugs – Bare floors
Curtains – Blinds

6. The scent of lavender is universally a scent that helps promote relaxation. Use some essential oils/sachet on your pillow before you go to sleep.

7. Be sure that you’re bed puts you in command position (simply put, a solid wall at your back with a view of the door)

8. And be sure to schedule some quiet time for yourself for meditation or just relaxing!


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  1. Sharie says

    I’m curious about the bed placement. It was always my understanding that the bed should face so that the head is positioned to face north. I just moved and north direction is the closet and entrance door so I simply sleep with my head in that direction. There’s no headboard but I have a lovely view of the sky when I wake up and if I prop up my head on a pillow I see the mountain tops. Watching the birds and butterflies from bed is better than any TV show. I am very at peace with this and would love it if you could offer an explanation. Thank you!

  2. Maureen says

    Yes, there are different schools of thought on bed positioning. You are referring to the idea that we need to align our bodies north/south due to magnetic fields.

    What I can tell you is that having a “power” or “command” position is scientifically-proven (albeit, soft science research) to be the best placement. Think of where you will sit in a restaurant, given a choice. Most will set with their back to a wall with the widest view of the room. We feel, at a subtle energetic level, more comfortable and in turn, are more relaxed. This is optimal for a sleeping space.

    On the contrary, if you are not sleeping in command position, your body is in a subtle level of fight/flight and cannot fully relax, rendering healthy sleep and rejuvenation so much more challenging, if not impossible. I hope that helps!

  3. Kuru says

    I’ve noticed that when I nap on the couch, I choose to have my head so I cannot see the door even though the option is there. I get such restful naps I can’t imagine I’m in fight or flight mode. Do you think I’m in denial? I guess I should try the other way to see how it goes.

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