How to Feng Shui the Royal Baby Room

If I were friendly with the Royals, I would let them know how important good Feng Shui is for anyone, especially for the healthy development of a baby. So here is what I would say to them regarding great tips for babies:

Dear Kate & Prince William,

First, the birth of your healthy son is wonderful news and congratulations on being parents to a beautiful baby boy!

Feng Shui Baby Room
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Second, I just wanted to give you some tips on how you could arrange your son’s bedroom to give him the best Feng Shui possible. Why? Did you know that thousands of years ago, the emperors of China used Feng Shui to ensure their family’s success and the strength of their nation? (In fact, only relatively recently has the secrets of Feng Shui been shared with the general population and taught to non-Chinese). So it’s only fitting that the Prince of Cambridge has the best possible environment in which to grow and learn.


Here are some of my recommendations:

(1) No Clutter
No piles of clutter or tons of pictures/busy wallpaper on the wall in the baby room. That means, Kate, do not use the baby room to store those hats!  Especially, do not store them under the crib, as we like to have a good flow of energy (or ch’i) all around the best for health. Clutter prevents a peaceful environment, so necessary for baby’s rest.

(2) Color
There is a whole study of color psychology because researchers have found that color has such a profound impact on how we think, feel and behave. Hopefully a nice pastel was chosen for his room. Do not go for deep colors that will darken the room or busy wallpaper that will seem like clutter (as stated above). Soft greens or blues provide vitality and interest without being too overpowering. Avoid yellow – as one of my feng shui master teachers, William Spear, just informed me – as research has proven that yellow activates the anxiety center of the brain and for babies, this can lead to more crying! (Thanks William!)

(3) No Electronics
Stay away from any electronics in the baby room, which give off electromagnetic fields (EMFs) which could stunt healthy development and cause sleep issues. You know those remote baby monitors? If you need to use one, make sure that it’s placed at least 6 feet away from the crib.

No electronics in the baby room? What is on the other side of the wall from the crib? A refrigerator or microwave? Even worse, a circuit box? Move the crib to another wall!

However, the most common cause of high EMFs are from faulty wiring in the walls. Have a professional come and check the room or purchase an EMF meter yourself. Be sure you read the directions and check diligently.

(4) Earth Energies

The earth also has radiation (as does electronics) and contains negative and positive lines. When those unseen lines of energy go through our homes, we can be subject to extremely high natural radiation which can inhibit healthy child development, cause headaches, body aches, and can lead even to serious disease such as cancer.

These lines can be detected and re-mediated by a professional dowser, which is no stranger to the Brits. In fact, contrasted to the U.S., dowsing is fairly commonplace in England.

You probably already know a dowser! See if they can come by and evaluate the earth energies that may be going through your son’s room.

(5) Placement
Be careful not to place the crib in-line with the doorway to the room. Rushing ch’i through the doorway can disturb sleep patterns. The best placement of the crib is diagonal from the door with a full view of the room.

Do place the crib by the window so your son can enjoy the natural light. In addition, be careful not to place any large piece of furniture adjacent to the crib or heavy artwork above it. Studies have shown that people, on a subtle energy level, feel threatened that objects may fall on them.



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