Inspire New Beginnings with Feng Shui

new beginnings feng shuiHere in the Northeast, the crocuses and hyacinths have started coming up!

Feng Shui cosmology teaches us that even in the darkest part of the night, there is a speck of light to guide the way – illustrated in the eternal yin and yang symbol. And even in the depths of winter, there is life underground, just waiting for the right moment to show itself.

And you know, I feel the same way. It’s natural that we follow the rhythms of nature. I was in a bit of hibernation, enjoying the snowy days and coldness – in by my fire, feeling the seeds of new things germinate within me.

Welcome the Spring

But before we welcome the spring, let’s take the time to clear away things that no longer work in our lives. Let’s start afresh!

When it comes to Feng Shui, we take this quite literally – as well as figuratively – because what is “within” is “without.” The external impacts the internal, and vice versa.

First, Clear Your Clutter

So, let’s start by clearing away physical clutter in our homes and work spaces. Clear out all the unnecessary stuff that you’ve been holding onto. Look at it this way: you cannot do a proper “spring cleaning” with all that clutter around! (For more information on clutter, read here.) You can’t welcome new energies while holding onto the past!

Second, Enhance New Beginnings

Find the “Family” area of your home or work space (there are two methods for this: find the East portion of your space or read how to apply the Bagua with modern techniques by reading here). Traditionally, the Family area is in the East. The East represents Family, Health and New Beginnings, as the sun rises here.

The East or Family area is ruled by Wood energy  – as represented by the sprouting of those new seedlings.  This is a great place to install live, healthy plants.

Wood Energy

Other ways to add Wood energy is through the use of color (green and blues), tall vertical shapes (as in a book case or vertical stripes), wood furnishings, images of forested landscapes, and addition of bamboo or cork or any other by-product of trees.

Water Supports Wood

Water supports Wood in the Nourishing cycle of the 5 elements, so water is another great way to enhance this area. Real water, as in an aquarium, water feature or bowl of water are the best representations here. However, you can also use the colors (black and deep blue), wavvy shapes (as in paisleys and other curvy patterns), images of water scapes, and glass or mirrors.

Get Inspired!

This is a great place to focus on new projects. Perhaps you want to start something new in your business, or an interest or a new relationship. Spend some time in the East contemplating your plans and then put them into action!  This area of the Bagua is all about Action!

So have fun with this, and let me know how it goes!

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