Myth: Feng Shui is a Religion


During my years as a feng shui practitioner I have had many responses to my profession. Some say, "doing feng shui is against my religion," or "isn't feng shui is a religion?"

First, let's fix this myth: feng shui is not a religion.

Second, I'll tell you why some may feel this is so:

  1. Classical feng shui was developed by ancient people to help them harmonize with the earth. They had to listen to and observe the natural world. They felt awe and wonder of the universe – the earth, the heavens, and the natural occurrences. They developed a philosophy, known as eastern philosophy, about how the universe works and how man must play his role, according to its natural laws. For some, this may sound like a religion.
  2. Feng shui has components of Taoism, which is a philosophy of life and a naturalistic religion. The wisdom of the I-Ching (Book of Changes), concepts of yin and yang, the 5 elements and chi are all found in principles of Taoism. Feng shui takes its fundamental philosophy from Taoism.
  3. A more modern development in feng shui, Black Sect Tibetan Buddhist feng shui, also known as BTB, has incorporated aspects of Bon and Tibetan Buddhism in its practice. It includes meditation, sacred mantras, ritual and ceremony, similar to other ancient naturalistic traditions. I have studied both Classical and BTB feng shui, and use both in my practice. The BTB influence is more spiritual in nature than any specific religion. 
  4. Religion is based on a belief system. Feng shui has no "beliefs." Feng shui affects every one of us the same, if you "believe" in it or not.

I work with people of all religious and spiritual views. And all benefit from it.

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