How to Apply Feng Shui to Offices

feng shui officeHaving a good office environment has an impact on how productive, efficient, and motivated we are. Below I show you how to apply office feng shui tips to your work environment.

Tip #1 – First Impressions

Remember first impressions are so important. Not just for prospects and clients but for staff as well. It is amazing how often I see this cardinal rule broken!

Be sure that there is clear signage for your office and that the reception area is welcoming and free of clutter!

poor feng shui officeTip #2 – Placement

Placement is a big concern in feng shui. Good placement promotes a good flow of people and energy through the office. Poor placement contributes to stress. Here are some tips about placement:

  • Be sure to orient your desk so that you have full view of the room you are in, especially a view of the door. Why? This has been proven to reduce stress and promote focus and productivity.
  • If you cannot change the position of your desk add a mirror that will give you a view behind you. This way you won’t be startled by anyone approaching from behind.
  • Do not store boxes and odd equipment in aisles. Aisles are usually not wide enough to accommodate the extra storage. In addition, it blocks the flow of chi around the office.

Tip #3 – Sunlight

It seems that ever since the invention of offices windows have been a symbol of status in the work environment.

Why? Studies have shown that we feel better when we have natural light. Sunlight helps us maintain our natural circadian rhythms. They connect the physical body and its processes to the times of the day. Lack of natural light puts our bodies into nighttime mode – making us feel tired and stressed.

nature viewTip #4 – Nature Views

Over the last decade more people are aware of the importance of access to nature in office spaces. Research proves that views of trees and vegetation improves well-being. This also increases morale, productivity, and efficiency.

Tip #5 – Mirror at your desk

With work on computers and paperwork our eyes are being required to focus on short distances. According to research, if you do not have access to a window, a mirror can provide a welcome respite for your eyes by giving it a longer distance focus.

In feng shui, we go a step further and equate that rest you get with improved creativity in your work!

Tip #6 – Soften the office

Office spaces are very “yang.” That is, they are bright, have hard angular surfaces, and lots of metal equipment. Plants are a great way to add more softness (or “yin”) into the room. Also, curves, area rugs and upholstered furniture are great ways to add yin. Creating greater balance leads to greater harmony.

These are just a few tips to help improve any office space. I hope they help you!

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