Solar Storms & March Madness

Reading about the recent solar storms and their timing, I can't help but see the correlation to what I've observed in my personal life.

According to accounts, two powerful "x-class" eruptions were sent out from the Sun on March 6th. ("X-class" is the equivalent to F5 tornado classification).

And on that day, my daughter had a powerful 'eruption' that resulted in a quick decision – a good one, at that! Our lives were turned upside down for a few hours – but all is well.

This week has been full of emotional adjustments and, of course, electronic equipment snafus.

Just as storms clear the ch'i of the Earth and Solar System, storms clear the ch'i in our lives. In my household, these flares have created upheavals to stir the pot of ch'i – opening the opportunity for change. We often get too comfortable and set in our ways. Even though we are not in a good place, we fear the unknown. So we procrastinate.

But nature has a way of shaking us up and opening the path for change. Mother Nature knows better.

Another wave of flares is expected to hit Earth tomorrow (March 12th). Are you ready? Be alert to the signs and signals around you. Be open to changing the ch'i in your life!

Photo credit: Shawn Malone

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