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The Father, according to Chinese culture and Feng Shui, represents Heaven, the Creative force, and strong yang energy that complements the Mother or receptive yin energy.  The Father energy is important to everyone, and most importantly the male head of household (whether or not he's a father). (Each of the Bagua areas represent a family member, including Mother, Father, 3 sons and 3 daughters.)

The "Father" area is found in the front right area or NW area of your home and property. (See this blog to find where it is in your home). This area is called "Helpful People & Travel."  Helpful People refers to anyone in your life that helps you in some way, including friends, extended family, colleagues, clients, your child's teachers, etc. Long distance travel represents your being able to reach out, beyond the domestic space, to connect with others and forge your way in the world.

This area is also known as "Networking." As any business person knows, you cannot prosper in your business without strong connections with colleagues, clients, prospects and partners.

The Father  represents authority, strength, visionary ideals and cultivating exterior (community) relationships. The Father energy knows how to lead.
Oftentimes, on residential consultations, I activate the Father area of the home and/or property to fully support the male head of household. Also, if anyone in the house needs to enhance their support from helpful people or travel, this area ////The "Father" area in them is not being nourished and supported.
Here are some quick ways to nourish that Father energy in your home:
  • Clear out any clutter that is in this area of your bedroom, home, and even your property
  • Be sure that chi flows well in this space of bedroom, home and property. Any blocks or stagnation will hinder your ability to access this energy.
  • Add metal elements – sculpture, furnishings, picture frames – or metallic-colored and/or round objects which all support the Metal energy of the Father
  • Bring some images of male figures – artwork/statues of Buddha, Jesus, or other male figures
  • Even some favorite travel photos are great in this space
And remember, this is also Mother Nature energy. Be kind to your gardens. Tend to them, nourish them, and they will nourish you, too.

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