What do you Desire?

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That’s right…”What do YOU Desire?”

Many of us come to this question at some point in our lives. When we are no longer satisfied with what we are doing in our lives.

Maybe we’ve NEVER felt content. We feel some kind of void, a longing. It could be in our relationships, our lifestyle, our work, and for many of us, it stems from our spiritual work and not knowing purpose in life.

I came upon this question back in the early 2000’s. Working for a couple of decades in a marketing job that I had loved, I suddenly felt a strong desire to quit my job. I started to dread going there every day.

My mind wandered…but, what did I really want to do? I had no idea, except that I knew I was to do something completely different.  I wanted to engage in spiritual work in some way. I felt that I was not living true to my life’s purpose, but had no idea what that was.

I was soon laid off from that job, which was truly amazing — as I felt the ground was shifting underneath my feet! I had several freelance projects that kept me busy for the next couple of years, but I felt so impatient, like I was wasting precious time.

All the while I paid attention to my dreams and the messages that they sent me. (Interestingly, I have gone back to read my dream journals in those early days and have read some messages about my path that appear crystal clear now, although were cryptic at the time.)

I read spiritual and self-growth books and attended workshops. I met with spiritual teachers, psychics, and various energy healers and learned from them all. More importantly, I practiced what I resonated with. (I often see people, called “serial workshoppers,” who never seem to integrate lessons learned into their lives at all.) I was all in and serious about finding my path. Nothing was going to get in my way!

And finally, after a few years, I stumbled upon feng shui again (I had read a book on feng shui about ten years earlier) and it suddenly clicked. I dove in. Head first, no time to think about how cold the water would be…where I was going after I dove. It didn’t matter. What mattered was that I start right now

And probably the biggest lesson of all that I have learned so far, is that this never stops. By “this” I mean learning and growing, and finding my path. My path is constantly being challenged; or put another way, my path is constantly being given opportunities. My path presents me with forks and intersections, all points that I need to review. Crain my neck and see what’s down there. Hmmm. And what’s over there? 

This path surely requires resilience and determination. It requires courage and boldness. It requires the ability to laugh and find joy in everyday life. Sometimes it requires backing up and going to that other path I previously shrugged.

But that’s okay. In fact, it’s marvelous! I feel joy in living my life. I never dread “going to work.” I have gratitude for every client, every student, and every situation that enters my life. I feel the wonderful sensation of connecting with others in a meaningful way, knowing that both of our lives have shifted in a positive way.

And I find myself constantly standing at the edge of that lake, looking at the water and jumping. The thrill of newness, of change, and transformation that follows. 

Ready to Take the Dive?

My enthusiasm drives me to help others find their path. With Feng Shui Coaching, we work on the harmony of your environment and your mind. And who knows? Maybe learning about feng shui is part of your path. Maybe it’s learning a healing modality, or studying kundalini yoga. What are you waiting for? Dive in!

(If you are interested in working with me, contact me here for a free assessment of how we can work together.)

image credit: Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash

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