You “ARE” Where You Live!

Yes, I know that sounds strange, but it's true! If you are surrounded by positive, supportive energy at home and work, then you will be that way, too.

My passion is to help you identify what needs to shift in your home and work environment in order to bring that support into your life using feng shui, psychology, and the Human-Nature connection.

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First start by taking the brief Feng Shui Personality Quiz "What is YOUR True Nature?" to the right. It will help you identify your predominant Feng Shui Element and provide helpful tips to create spaces that support YOU!

What Feng Shui Element are YOU?

5 Element Cycle

Are you the Philosopher? The Pioneer? The Wizard? The Peacemaker? The Alchemist?
The Five Elements describe different types of energy, which is evident in your personality, physical body, face, palms, and birth date. You contain all of these Elements, but usually have one or two primary ones that drive you.

And you work and live best when you are in an environment that supports your natural Element!

When you work with me, you will see your home and workspace with a new perspective - see how you can easily create a positive, supportive environment with my guidance.

What are your goals and ambitions? How can you shift the energy in your home or workspace to help you reach those goals? I will help you answer that.

Start right now! If you REALLY WANT to FEEL the POSITIVE ENERGY, call me or schedule a time to start looking forward!

Looking forward to hearing from you!