Welcome to Luminous Spaces

♦  Do you long for a home that makes you feel more peaceful?
♦  Do you wish your work space energized you?
♦  Do you just want to finally slow down and breathe?

me_IFSGLuminous Spaces brings your work and home environments into alignment with the benefits of balance found in nature.

With as much as 90% of our days spent in buildings and surroundings that drain energy and create stress, balance and harmony can seem very far away from everyday life. My holistic design approach uses the principles of feng shui, environmental psychology and biophilic design (nature design) to bring more joy, harmony, and positive energy into your home and business.

I use site orientation, geographical analysis and the artful placement of furniture and objects to bring the peace, balance and rejuvenating energy found in nature into your environments. As a leading practitioner and trainer in feng shui and space clearing, I blend these ancient disciplines with the modern principles of biophilia (our inherent need to connect to nature) and building biology, a healthy-home focused discipline, to customize the consultations based on your needs and goals.

Connect with me today and bring more balance into your life!