Find a Natural “Power Spot” in Your Yard

Geomancy Power SpotI have been dowsing for several years now in my work as a feng shui consultant. I help my clients find and remedy negative energy in the Earth to promote better healing and health.

Negative energy is actually electromagnetic fields that occurs in the Earth. They often become negative by the misuse of the land as a result of human activity (such as construction, battles, burial grounds, etc.) This negative energy can cause a variety of illness, from insomnia and inflammation to fatal disease. These negative energies are also called geopathic stress.

Recently, my attention was directed to the other side of the spectrum – power spots. Power spots are places for great healing and meditation. They are places of sanctuary and respite from the stresses of modern life.

Tips on How to Find a Power Spot
Power spots are everywhere, so chances that we have them on our property are good. Here are a few tips to locate one:

  • If you are trained in dowsing, you can dowse the land with a pendulum or copper L-rods.
  • Easier still, you can notice where you feel good in our yard. Perhaps there is a place we go for refuge already. Chances are that is a power spot.
  • Power spots often have a special view or a beautiful tree. Walk around our property and find a special place to put a relaxing chair and perhaps a small garden.

How do These Places Become Power Spots?
Sometimes there is benevolent energy in the land due to a waterfall or the convergence of positive underground streams. These underground streams are called “white sheng streams” in feng shui geomancy. They bring positive life force energy to the vegetation, wildlife, and people in the area.

But I have recently found that we can actually create power spots by on our own volition. Here is how it happened:

powerful power spot waterfall at the Lodge at WoodlochThe Lodge at Woodloch is an award-winning destination spa in northeastern Pennsylvania where I regularly present many workshops on feng shui, biophilic design, and dowsing. The centerpiece of the spa is a beautiful, powerful, multi-tiered man-made waterfall.

When I visited last year I dowsed outside the land outside the spa and found that there were two underground streams that converged right at the waterfall. Did the architects know that this was a power spot? I thought that was unlikely. But what became more clear to me was that they actually created a power spot!

Locally-quarried stone and the height of the waterfall makes a powerful impact in the area. In addition, visitors to this spa are creating a powerful energy field with their own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. So a wonderful power spot was created by the conscious design and the use of this space.

Create Your Own Power Spot!

And since we can contribute to creating negative energy in the land, it makes sense that we can also contribute to creating benevolent energy in the land.

With the use of local, natural materials and your positive intention and thoughts, you can create your own power spot. Pick a place of natural beauty and a view of something that inspires you (it can even be a small shrub or a Buddha statue).

Enjoy connecting to your land and let me know if you found a power spot!

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