What is Dowsing?

what is dowsing
I’ve been dowsing for many years, have written a few articles about it, but just noticed that I never really explained what it is.

Dowsing is a technique to tap into the unseen. For some, it confirms their intuitive hunches. For others, it helps guide them into the intuitive realm.

Dowsing has been practiced for millennia with a forked branch. Other tools emerged and now the two most commonly used tools are a pair of L-rods (for their shape) and pendulums.

Dowsing has been used for a variety of tasks, but most commonly to find water, hence dowsers were called “water witches.”

Still used to locate sites to drill wells, it is also used for such mundane tasks as:

  • finding lost objects or people (yes, law enforcement have employed dowsers)
  • finding underground pipes and wires (yup! Some utility workers take out a pair of rods – although very secretly)
  • even used for locating underground mines by the military

    feng shui workshop dowsing

  • and really locating anything that is under the ground.

And dowsing is also used for esoteric purposes, including:

  • locating and working with geopathic stress and positive energy vortices (power spots)
  • connecting to the subtle realms of nature spirit and spirit energy
  • managing your personal energy field and chakra system
  • divination
  • spiritual development
  • and much more

I was introduced to dowsing in my first feng shui training and I have to admit that I was very skeptical. But within a few hours, I was dowsing and had an experience that confirmed that it wasn’t all in my head.

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