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How Do You Attract Chi?

Attracting chi to your businessIn my last posting I wrote about chasing chi away. So, now I thought I'd address how to attract good chi.

The other day I was driving past my local bank and saw these pinwheels! What fun! And what a great way to attract positive chi. The bank manager must have known it. It was a windy March day and was perfect weather to move these pinwheels!

"Buy pinwheels?", you might be saying to yourself about now. Well, you can if you want to. But think of things that attract your attention. No....not the kind of attention that attracted with Las Vegas neon signs!

Things that attract attention in a positive way.

- Things that move - Could be potted plants that sway in the breeze, an ornamental flag, whirligigs or even pinwheels!

- Things that light up - A good light for your front door entry area is a great idea. Also, installing small solar-powered lights that brighten up your walkway or driveway.

- Things that make sound - You can hang wind chimes, install a waterfall or water fountain or plant gently swaying bamboo stalks.

- Things with color - You can plant bright-colored flowers or paint your front door.

Look around your house. You probably have something that you can place in your front entry today and attract positive chi into your home, benefiting you and your family right now!

Front Door Feng Shui


In feng shui, the front door is known as the “mouth of chi” in the ancient art of Feng Shui. It is the portal where the majority of subtle life force energy (chi) enters your home from the neighborhood. Feng shui uses a language of metaphor. If the front door is not positioned well or is blocked by some structure, it can affect all life areas of the inhabitants, including prosperity, career, health, relationships, etc.

I think that the most effective way to understand chi is to imagine it as a welcomed guest. Consider these issues below and imagine how a welcomed guest would feel when approaching your home for the first time.

Attractive and well-lit

Be sure that your front entry is well-lit to avoid feelings of lack of safety as well as tripping hazards! In addition, the entry should be attractive. Remember, first impressions are key when you have visiting guests.


It is important to be able to see the door from the street. If chi cannot see your front door it causes delay and confusion in your life. Stagnation can set in. If the placement of your front door is not obvious from the street, light the pathway to it or add moving objects such as flags to attract attention to the placement of the door.

Handling a Blocking Tree

You may have a large tree or shrub blocking the view of the front door. You may consider cutting the shrub or tree back to open and expand the view. However, if this tree is beautiful and well-loved, you can actually give a blessing to the tree as protector of the home, such as I did with a large oak tree at their entrance.

Opens Easily 

This seems pretty intuitive, but oftentimes I find that my client’s doors are difficult to open either due to the door frame or hardware. I had a client install a brand-new door in her renovation and she never opened the door from the outside before I visited (they used the side door, as many people do!) So, when I visited her for a consultation, I went outside and attempted to open the door into her foyer. I wasn’t able to! The hardware was not working as it should. Be sure that your door opens easily to allow the positive chi in.

Use the Front Door!

Now that your front door has wonderful Feng Shui, use it! It is important to open this door daily to provide the maximum chi into your home. If it’s more convenient to use the side door, I suggest my client use the front door to get the mail, walk the dog, and even to check the weather. See more information in this blog.

Front Door: Northeast


In a previous blog, I wrote how the direction of your front door can impact your life in that house.

If your front door faces northeast, sunlight rarely reaches this area. Northeast is quiet, yin energy which is perfect for reflection and knowledge-seeking.

Families that thrive in this home are studious and education-oriented. It is also wonderful for people that are looking to develop their spiritual selves and contemplate the big questions in life. It is good for meditation and holistic practices.

This area is ruled by earth energy. To enhance these qualities, add fire (red door) or earth energy (boulder or stone statue) to the front door area.

If this area has become too yin, you can stir up the chi by adding some moving objects, such as water, wind chimes or decorative flags.

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Front Door: Northwest & North


In a previous blog, I wrote how the direction of your front door can impact your life in that house.

If your front door faces northwest or north, you do not have any sunlight that reaches your front door. This is very yin, quiet energy. However, all hope is not lost though.

Their are benefits to both of these directions. Both are good for business and entrepreneurs!

The northwest rules chi for the male head of household. He will fair well here. It brings good connections, networking contacts and all-round helpful people into your life. It is also good for long-distance travel.

The north is very yin and good for nurturing your career and life's journey. The water element rules the north, which promotes careful reflection and consideration before you go out and make big changes in your life. Changes are made very thoughtfully and wisely.

Enhance the northwest chi with earth and metal elements. Enhance the north chi with metal and water elements. Get some ideas here.

If there is stagnation in this home, you can really break up the chi by de-cluttering and adding some yang energy with moving objects like chimes or decorative flags.

Front Door: Facing West


n a previous blog, I wrote how the direction of your front door can impact your life in that house.

If your house faces west, as mine does, the sun certainly hits your front door on a daily basis, but the sunlight of the afternoon is much harsher and brighter than the early morning sun. One of my professors said that the sunlight is depleted of the positive chi, therefore the quality is not as embracing to the home as the east.

The west is represented by the fall and early metal energy. It is the area that is about the joy that you get when you complete projects. The satisfaction of a productive day. It also represents children and creativity. Happy occasions can be had in this house, with parties and lively entertainment.

To ensure the positive qualities of this house, have some earth or metal energy at the front door, such as a yellow or white door.

If the frivolity is too much in this home, add a water feature to temper the metal energy.

Front Door: Facing Southwest


In a previous blog, I wrote how the direction of your front door can impact your life in that house.

If your front door faces southwest it still receives a good amount of sunshine, albeit more softly. The southwest is yin energy, as it represents the nurturing qualities of mother.

A house in this direction is about cultivating relationships. It is beneficial for the mother of the family or female head of household.

To make the most of this direction, be sure to add some fire or earth energy - a red door or red flowers and plantings in ceramic or clay pots.

If the female head of household is too dominating, you can soften this energy by bringing in some metal elements, like a metal statue, garden sculpture or round metal gazing ball.

Front Door: Facing South


In a previous blog, I wrote how the direction of your front door can impact your life in that house.

If your front door faces south, this is a very good direction. South represents a peak time, the peak of summer and the peak of noontime. It is very strong yang energy. It is ruled by fire.

Living in a home that faces south, you and your family may have lots of attention from the community or in your careers. It is a social house. It is a place for fame, recognition and reputation. A good home for a politician, however, you must be vigilant that good reputation is maintained, as you are in the spotlight. (The main door of the White House faces south!)

To get the most benefit from this direction, plant some red flowers outside your front door. As fire energy can cause conflict in the home, a water feature outside the door can temper this energy. (The White House has both red flowers and a fountain!)

Importance of the Front Door

In just about every workshop and lecture that I do, I ask the participants if they use their front door. Typically half of the audience raises their hands - just half!  Does that amaze you? Not me!

The reason for this is due to the architecture of our homes. So many of our suburban homes channel traffic to a side door and enter into the kitchen or mud room. The front door and foyer/living room are saved for guests. This may be convenient - transporting piles of Costco boxes directly into the kitchen - but are we missing out on something?

According to Feng Shui, the front door represents our connection to the world. The world (being everything outside of our house) is yang energy. Yang is the creator, stimulating, energizing, and all possibilities. Our homes are yin. Yin is the receptor, quiet, rejuvinating, and limited possibilities.

The front door is our portal to the yang energy of the cosmos. It connects, or bridges, our inner world to the outer world. For this reason, the front door has tremendous significance in our lives, furthering our careers, community connection, wealth, health and relationships. All opportunities come to us through the front door.

So which door do you use? I know the side door is convenient, but make it your point to use your front door daily; to get the mail, walk the dog, or just open it to let in the sun and the wind to replenish your home.