How Do You Attract Chi?

Attracting chi to your businessIn my last posting I wrote about chasing chi away. So, now I thought I’d address how to attract good chi.

The other day I was driving past my local bank and saw these pinwheels! What fun! And what a great way to attract positive chi. The bank manager must have known it. It was a windy March day and was perfect weather to move these pinwheels!

“Buy pinwheels?”, you might be saying to yourself about now. Well, you can if you want to. But think of things that attract your attention. No….not the kind of attention that attracted with Las Vegas neon signs!

Things that attract attention in a positive way.

– Things that move – Could be potted plants that sway in the breeze, an ornamental flag, whirligigs or even pinwheels!

– Things that light up – A good light for your front door entry area is a great idea. Also, installing small solar-powered lights that brighten up your walkway or driveway.

– Things that make sound – You can hang wind chimes, install a waterfall or water fountain or plant gently swaying bamboo stalks.

– Things with color – You can plant bright-colored flowers or paint your front door.

Look around your house. You probably have something that you can place in your front entry today and attract positive chi into your home, benefiting you and your family right now!

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