How to Create a Biophilic Design Bedroom

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Did you know that biophilic design can help you sleep better?

Yes! Many studies have shown that biophilic design is linked with greater well-being, including sleep.

So why not create a biophilic design bedroom for yourself!

But first, what is biophilic design?

In a nutshell, it is a design movement that integrates aspects of nature into our living and working environments. Organization such as Google and Apple have been building new headquarters using the principles around this new discipline. And although it’s been around for a couple of decades, biophilic design is enjoying tremendous growth, especially since the pandemic, which kept many of us stuck inside our homes.

So let’s review a few inexpensive ways that you can bring BD into your current bedroom now….  

  1. This is a big one: Make your room more “yin” than “yang.” I know these are feng shui terms, but it’s the easiest way I know how to explain that your bedroom should be quieter and darker at night. This is how our bodies are wired. Our circadian rhythm seeks sanctuary, not Times Square. If necessary, use darkening window treatments and a sound machine with natural sounds, like a gentle brook or soft rain and thunder. Also, items such as area rugs, curtains, pillows, and soft lighting make a room feel cozy. And oh, those electronics? If you are using them, be sure to turn on nigh-time mode, so the screen doesn’t cast off that bluish light which can keep us awake.
  2. Next is Natural colors – these are colors that we recognize in nature, such as water, soil, vegetation, or the sky. So blues, greens, colors in the brown family, make us feel cozy.
  3. Next is Nature-themed fabrics and prints – where possible, use fabrics with themes of nature, such as flowers and botanical prints in your biophilic design bedroom.
  4. Then, there’s Natural materials – wood grain has been proven to be a winner for relaxation. In addition, other materials such as sisal, wool, cotton, wicker are great additions to a bedroom
  5. Next is Nature-based art – art that is a reflection of nature is usually a winning addition to help us feel more calm and relaxed in your biophilic design bedroom.
  6. And lastly, we have Live plants – this isn’t a typical bedroom feature, but I do recommend a plant or two here. Plants do so much for us, even subconsciously. They refresh and hydrate the air, they literally add life and vitality, plus, we have evolved to seek out the color green in all its shades and varieties.

Biophilic design comes from our human Psychology – throughout our evolution, we have sought out spaces where there was abundant fresh water, wildlife, and vegetation. These cues let us know that we can survive here. And even as modern humans, we haven’t lost these cues. Our subconscious feels more calm and safe when we have visual cues of these basic, life-enhancing elements.

But remember, you don’t have to do all of these suggestions. These are some components of biophilic design that make us feel more alive and safe. Any combination of them will work for you!

So let’s recap…

  1. More yin than yang – basically a sanctuary
  2. Natural colors
  3. Nature-themed fabrics and prints
  4. Natural materials
  5. Nature-based art
  6. Live plants


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