Tips on How to Become a Feng Shui Consultant

feng shui practitionerOver these last few years, there has been great interest in becoming a feng shui consultant (or feng shui practitioner). Although interest was increasing over the last few decades, ever since feng shui was introduced to the Western world, back in 1970’s-80′, I believe that the pandemic stirred many people to check out other career paths.

Many people left their jobs and even retired, but many also turned to study something that they were passionate about…to explore a career path with deeper meaning.  People all over were awakening to their inner call, their soul, to discover their purpose. That’s what happens to some people when they are confronted with a life-changing event.

I know. I was there in the early 2000’s. I was working in a vibrant well-paying career in marketing for decades. But then my mom died of cancer.

It stirred me deeply and I went inside. I realized that I was no longer fulfilled doing my work. I needed something that inspired me, like never before. I craved to be on a career path that was my spiritual path, at once.

I searched for a few years. It was frustrating, but I knew that there was something out there for me to discover.

Eventually, when I realized I wanted to become a feng shui consultant, I found a feng shui school and I immediately enrolled in the 9-month program.

I’ll never forget that first day in class. The topic was the five elements of Eastern philosophy. And I learned that feng shui brought together so many topics that I loved, including maps, geology/earth science, dowsing, divination, and astronomy/astrology!

When you are ready (any you may already be if you’re reading this post), it’s important to research the many feng shui schools and feng shui training courses that are available to find the right one for you to become a feng shui consultant.

Here are some tips to consider when reviewing what’s available:

feng shui training1. What is the feng shui course format?

In-person courses often requires additional travel expenditures and specific schedules to adhere to. Online courses give you the greatest flexibility. Some courses are self-study. Some are taught live online. (Although the Luminous Spaces School course is online, I am offering my course as a Live Online program this Spring 2023!)

2. What philosophy does the feng shui certification program cover?

You may not realize this, but there are different forms of feng shui.  At the highest level, there are two main branches: Traditional (also known as Classical) and a Western or modern approach. Traditional methods use the compass (also know as the lou pan) and tend to use formulas based on exact directional readings.  The Westernized methods use what is called the “Three-Door Entry Method” for applying the Bagua map, typically based on the front door, rather than directions. All forms of feng shui incorporate the concepts of five elements, chi, and yin and yang. Most programs include the Traditional school called “Landform” or “Form” feng shui. 

Although I have been trained in both Traditional and Western approaches, the Luminous Spaces Feng Shui School is based upon BTB, or Black Hat, feng shui. Read more about the different philosophies.

feng shui career

3. What kind of support will you receive in the feng shui certification course?

No matter what format the course uses, you should be aware that some programs will give you no access, or limited access to the feng shui teacher. Even if the course is in-person, you may not get to have one-on-one discussions with the instructor.

And online feng shui schools provide varying degrees of support. Look for one that meets your needs.

The Luminous Spaces Feng Shui School has lots of support, including biweekly Q&A sessions (where you get your questions answered), a Facebook group, and one-on-one mentoring with me for your case studies. I even do personal feng shui consultations with each of the Platinum Level students, which is included in the tuition.

4. What topics does the feng shui program cover?

In addition to the philosophy of the feng shui school, there are many related topics that may be included as part of the feng shui curriculum. Some of these topics include: astrology, dowsing, ceremony and space clearing methods, divination with the I-Ching, and other topics such as starting a business, garden and landscape design, color psychology, and biophilic design.

The Luminous Spaces Feng Shui School covers all of the above topics.

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5. What happens after I get my feng shui training?

And with many programs, once you are certified the relationship ends. There is no further support or assistance as you build your feng shui career.

In the Luminous Spaces Feng Shui School, Platinum Level graduates have lifetime access to the biweekly Q&A sessions (for mentoring on their consultations) and the Facebook group. They also get the opportunity to list their feng shui business on the Luminous Spaces School Directory! And it’s all FREE! The lifetime access and a Directory listing!

6. How good is the feng shui program?

The word “good” is subjective, of course. Some programs are good for a group of people, others are better for another group.  It’s really important to consider what your needs are, as far as format, philosophy, and topics covered.

One way to evaluate a feng shui program is to read the testimonials, if they are provided. Do you resonate with past students and what they have to say about their experience?

Without a accrediting body in feng shui, it is hard to discern how “good” a program is. However, the International Feng Shui Guild has put forth standards for feng shui programs. The Gold level is given to feng shui courses that meet the highest requirements, deemed to be effective for learning feng shui and becoming a feng shui consultant.

The Luminous Spaces Feng Shui School has achieved Gold level status since its inception in 2016 (as well as the prior Feng Shui Certification program with the Metropolitan Institute of Design, founded in 2009).

Maureen Calamia spiritual mentor7. What feng shui school is best for me?

Even after you research, it may be hard to determine the best feng shui certification program for you. I find that one of the most important aspects of learning any metaphysical modality is the energy of the mentor.

Because feng shui enhances spiritual growth, feng shui consultants should have a solid spiritual practice. As a feng shui practitioner, we can influence our clients in a feng shui consultation. I believe this so strongly that I wrote a post about this here. 

And only you can perceive who you resonate with, who you’d like to learn from. That why we believe it’s important to have a conversation with the feng shui teacher of any school you are considering.

If you are interested in speaking with me, I would LOVE to hear your story and how you’ve come to want to become a feng shui consultant!

Schedule a call with me here!

Why is the Luminous Spaces Feng Shui School a great feng shui training option?

  • A self-study course which gives you the flexibility you may need
  • Two pricing levels, with the ability to upgrade later
  • And the one-on-one support of a live course (and we’re offering the Live Online course this Spring 2023!)
  • Benefit of learning from a respected feng shui author (Creating Luminous Spaces, 2018)

Plus, Luminous Spaces Feng Shui School Platinum Level benefits of:

  • Free personal consultation so that you can experience a feng shui consultation yourself
  • Free ongoing support after you are feng shui certified and are building your business, which includes mentoring on consultation questions
  • Free directory listing to boost the online presence of your feng shui consultation business

Learn more about the Luminous Spaces Feng Shui School!


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