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Hi Maureen,

I enjoyed reading your blogs that you added in the email, especially the one on BLS (black line streams).  I'm a clinical social worker, I found the correlation between mental illnesses and BLS intriguing.  From time to time I smudge my house and my boyfriends to get rid of stagnant and negative energy. 
Although I'm apprehensive, I am interested in learning more about using dowsing rods especially to find BLS.

Question: Why are other people's dowsing rods following me? I am new to dowsing rods, my father made and gave me a pair of rods after he used his pair of rods to find water and other lines on his recently purchased land.

When my boyfriend and his daughter held the rods in their kitchen I moved around the room and the rods followed me, but not him or his daughter. When outside the house the rods followed my boyfriend's son as well as myself.

My boyfriend is scaring me based on the ghost show called "A Haunting" he saw on TV regarding dowsing rods and evil spirits.The show said that dowsing rods should not be used in the house.  So he put them in the garage.  Once outside the rods (rods being held by me or his daughter) began following me and his son, but not his daughter. 

We had no intention of misusing them or to summons spirits, etc. 

What does this mean?

Thank you for taking the time to review my inquiry, I look forward to hearing from you.

My response:

Great question. First, no, I don't think there is any need for concern for evil spirits. Dowsing rods are frequently used in houses or buildings. 

Second, dowsing rods, just like any other metaphysical tool, are not to be used as a parlor game. There is a process that you need to follow. 

You need to be centered and have good intentions. Most have specific meditation practices they use prior to dowsing since you are connecting with the Universal Consciousness. You should also be well hydrated and then ask for permission to dowse. You also need to be very specific on what you are asking to find.

In using the rods, you will ask what a "yes" response is and what a "no" response is, so that you can ask yes/no questions. It's different for everyone. Then test with yes/no questions that you know the answer to. If you are getting nonsensical responses, then put the rods aside for another day. If they are working properly, you can proceed. (Most people, including myself, have set yes/no positions for the life of the rods; others ask for yes/no positions each time they use them).

In addition to yes/no questions, you can also use the rods for help with direction. Using one rod you can ask "what direction is….?"

Thank you for your question. I hope this helps!

Warmest Wishes,

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