Negative Earth Energy: Basic 101

Negative Earth Energy: Basic 101

The house looks good. There doesn’t appear to be anything that would impact their health or finances. So what’s going on? Most feng shui practitioners have learned to look beyond the physical, beyond the furniture placement and symbols in artwork
But you don’t need to do feng shui to work with this invisible energy.
We know that there is unseen energy, or chi, that can either benefit or harm the occupants of a home. The energy from past trauma lingers like smoke after a fire. It leaves an imprint in the home that needs to be cleared in space clearing ceremony.
But many feng shui practitioners have never been trained to analyze the energies of the earth and how they impact the occupants, just as much, maybe more, than energy lingering in the walls of the home.
This article covers some of the basic questions that people ask me regarding geopathic stress: 
  1. What is it and how does it impact me?
  2. What causes geopathic stress?
  3. And how do I know if I have geopathic stress?

What is geopathic stress and how do they impact us?

Early on in my feng shui training I was introduced to the concept of geopathic stress and electromagnetic fields and I’ve incorporated this analysis into my feng shui consultations ever since.
If you live over negative earth energy lines contributes to insomnia, headaches and migraines, inflammation and some will contribute to illness including cancers and other devastating disease.
The most toxic areas are where two lines cross. This significantly increases the toxicity. If a cross point or line is under a bed or desk, or other area where we spend a lot of time, it can have a devastating impact.
Most living beings avoid areas of geopathic stress. But some thrive on it, including most insects, fungi and moss.  

What Causes Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic stress is caused by trauma to the earth through poor construction practices, blasting, mining, as well as battlefields, cemeteries or places with extreme negative experiences. Negative thought patterns, depression and addiction can also cause stress in the earth.
Trauma emits negative energy to the earth and anything that resides there. Black line streams, are the most common and most harmful type of geopathic stress. They are also called sha chi.
Black line streams are underground streams which emit toxic, yin chi and contribute to decay.

How do I know if I have geopathic stress?

Negative earth energy can sometimes be detected with observing the land. The land will look unhealthy, Bees, wasps and ants build their homes here. The growth of trees and shrubs are stunted. These are areas that attract lightning strikes and accidents.
Some people can even sense that the energy is low. Dogs avoid areas of geopathic stress, while cats are attracted to it (but not every place your cat sleeps has it!). If you have poor health or feel stagnant in your life, you might want to check your home for geopathic stress.
You can contact a local dowser or email me. Most of my dowsing work is remote, having done projects from Australia to British Columbia.  

Maureen is a member of the American Society of Dowsers.

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