Stepping Through the Door: Dream’s often point us in the direction

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I experienced a “door” in a brilliant moment, in that transition place between sleep and wakefulness, called a “hypnogogic state.” In fact, experiences like this have been the most profound and important in my life. This one was in December 2014, as I had just lain in bed with a mind full of confusion, full of questions.

At this time, I was finally leaving my last marketing freelance gig which was a monumental decision for me. Although it had paid well, the position was draining and kept me from moving forward in my feng shui career. I was stuck in what I call “Earth in Excess.” I was sacrificing myself and allowing myself to be deluded by some unrealistic expectations – that I could do this job AND write my book AND continue to study AND realize my potential as a feng shui consultant.

It was as abrupt and startling as the “real” experience would be!

Just then, I felt a door slam on the left side of my face. It was as abrupt and startling as the “real” experience would be! Yet I was lying in bed and there was no physical door slamming on me.

I had been working on my book, on and off for five years, never feeling it was completely right. During that time I had a few work situations that were okay, but were not serving my highest good.

This door slam was my wake up call, challenging me to a new way of life, a new way of looking at things. The significance of the “left side” of my face was not lost. As a student of signs and symbols throughout my entire life, I recognized that the left side of my brain, logic, needed to shut down; to shift my energy and my awareness to the right brain, the intuitive realm.

The following day, interestingly, I had a call with a spiritual mentor. I had no idea what I was going to talk about with her, but the opportunity arose to have a talk and I jumped at it. When on the phone with her I mentioned this "vision." I was currently also teaching a feng shui certification program with an interior design school. Had been for five years and loved my work there. So the message that followed from my higher self was all the more shocking: "I need to leave this position NOW."

It was startling, yet I knew this would happen at some point. We all know that things will end, in time. But I didn't ever think that I would be the one to it.

The timing was perfect because we had just ended a course and was starting a new one in a month. But because I knew my decision would create some chaos for others, I sat with it for a few days, making sure that this is what I needed to do.

Life is amazing...if we only open our eyes. To be aware of the signs and symbols in our life and what they mean to us. How they must impact our direction and journey to live our lives, this incarnation, to the fullest.

I have spent nearly 20 years in my dream journey and I am passionate about helping others learn how they can benefit from the messages in their dreams!


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