Why Should You Study Feng Shui?

I taught a 4-day workshop recently and this question came to me as I was speaking.

Why did I study feng shui? Why should anyone study feng shui?

It is a practice that originated in China thousands of years ago. How can this practice still be relevant today, in our modern world?

Feng shui connects us with our intuition.

I spent most of my life in an analytical career, based on research and testing. My mind was trained to dominate my world. Perhaps you are like me and yearn for something that requires you to develop your intuition more. Much of feng shui, at least the form of feng shui that I practice, is about how we feel in spaces, rather than a hard reliance on analysis. It’s more about the heart, than the head.

Feng shui is a language of poetry.

Even though I spent most of my life in my left brain, I had a great desire to learn through symbols and metaphors. I have always been interested in astrology, archetypes, and dreams. But I had disconnected from these topics for a while, as I focused my attention on family and career. When I found feng shui, it was a like a breath of fresh air.

Feng shui connects us with nature.

The quality of feng shui of our homes and workspaces is mostly dependent on the quality of the land. In fact, 80-90 percent of good feng shui can be attributed to the right location. (Real estate industry has understood this as well!) But the location, really the land, is dependent upon access to clean healthy water, mature healthy trees, the abundance and variety of vegetation and wildlife. So feng shui is really about living in harmony with nature and all of its beings.

Feng shui enhances the Divine Feminine energy.

For all of these reasons stated above, the feng shui that I practice is about honoring the Divine Feminine. Honoring and respecting the divine presence of all of nature’s beings. Of using our developed intuition to truly feel our homes, to develop a relationship with the spirit of the home, and spirit of the land.

Feng shui helps us create greater balance in our lives, by enhancing the feminine, the yin, the receptive energy to counterbalance the overactive yang, masculine energy.

So why would you want to learn about feng shui, and perhaps become certified?

By studying feng shui, you will enhance your intuition, develop a language that more deeply connects with our human essence, build a more balanced relationship with the natural world, and help raise the energy of the Divine Feminine.

We are at a pivotal point in human history. We can tap into this deep knowledge of the Divine Feminine to raise her up, raise our human consciousness, and make a difference on this planet.

If any of these points above are meaningful and relevant to you, then yes, you should study feng shui.

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