What Hidden Things Can Your Home Share About You? – Part Two

*Warning: Do not read this until you do the exercise on this prior post.


Start Exploring

Now you have a sketch of your home. Here are some ways to look at it:

  • Did you exclude anything important? For instance, one client drew doors for each room with the exception of the master bedroom. He was actually having boundary issues with others in the house. (Of course, his bedroom did have a door).
  • Is any room way out of proportion than another (either way too big or too small)? For instance, a client drew her master bedroom so small it was the size of the closet. All the other rooms were much bigger in proportion. Psychologically, she was feeling very small.
  • If so, this may be symbolic to the function of that room (for instance, bedroom = intimacy or rest, kitchen/bathroom = health or self care, home office = work, living/family room = relationships or family). Does this make sense to you?
    You might also look at it regarding the feng shui bagua map.
    (Read this post to learn how to orient the bagua map.) What area of the bagua is that “out-of- proportion” room represent? How might that be symbolic of your current life situation?
  • Is there anything else that stands out to you? 

It is hard to be objective with our own space and lives. Believe me. I know it first-hand. I had a friend do feng shui on my house and was confused when she asked me about the box at the front door. What box? Well, it was there and I was walking past it without even seeing it was there, for a few months!

Sit with a supportive friend. Share your sketch with them and see what they notice. Be curious. Look at the symbolism of your sketch. Questions like “How might this reflect what is going on with my life? How might this reflect my beliefs about myself and/or my life?”

[Download PDF: How-To-Apply-Feng-Shui-Bagua]

If you’ve gotten this far, CONGRATULATIONS! Hopefully you’ve gained some deeper insight on what may need to shift in your home and your life!

If you need some help, schedule a chat with me to see how I might help you move forward in your life with  more mindfulness and conscious intention.



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