Those Wild, Untamed Areas of Your Soul

Feng shui is a language of symbolism and metaphor in our lives. We can look to the outer (home and land) to understand the inner (our beliefs, our challenges, our lives).

As a practitioner, I tap into the wisdom of depth psychology to learn how I may help my clients to improve their relationships, their livelihoods, their spiritual paths. In essence, I’m helping them raise the consciousness, the light, within and without.  

So when two clients within a couple of days had a similar situation, I sit up and notice. I realized that I needed to share their stories with you.

Both clients live on land that were previously farms, with no mature trees. Although we think of farmland as natural, most contain heavy toxins with decades of pesticide abuse. They were subjected to unnatural processes that often strip the land of minerals, resulting in soil degradation and erosion.

In addition, the energy around the sale of the land is less than auspicious. Most small farmers sell their land because of a rising burden to make ends meet. They are driven out by development and larger, industrial corporate farms.

Okay, back to my clients….

Both clients lived in fairly new developments with meticulously manicured landscapes. These manmade landscapes are often further polluted with pesticides and non native plants.

And most construction, at least in the West, have no practices for ceremony and honoring of the land.

So when preparing to do ceremony on the land, I asked these clients where, on their property, do they feel a special connection to the earth?

Both shrugged their shoulders. Really, nowhere. 

But after a pause, they both said that they love to look beyond their back fence to the trees and wildlife that is there. That area gives them a feeling of calm and peace.

So, we proceeded to do ceremony to give our gratitude, honor, and respect, to the land. We gave offerings to nature spirit in an area close to the fence.

What does psychology have to do with this? Lots. 

Remember, our outer spaces mimic our inner spaces.

Seeing this as a metaphor for their lives I needed to have them reflect…

What area of their lives do they feel controlled, censored, or unable to express themselves fully?
What in aspects within them yearns the chance to explore the wild and untamed spaces within them?
What wild nature needs to be expressed in their lives? 

flower mandala ceremony

Our ceremony is just the start.

For further exploration, I suggest that they ask themselves these questions. Give time to ponder, reflect, and journal. Maybe, if they are open enough, to ask for dream messages to help them in this discovery.

On the outer, I suggest that they create a small area along the fence that they will allow to be wild, untamed. And give regular offerings to nature spirit in this space. Allow natural, untamed beauty! See what happens. To allow themselves to be guided by their intuition.

So here’s my question for you: Do you allow for the wild, untamed areas to be expressed and explored? Within and without?

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