Changing the Ch’i in Your Life

by William Spear and Christine Persche

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William Spear - Changing the Chi in your LifeFeng shui’s work begins on the inside. The inner world of consciousness is in constant relationship with all manifestations of the outer world. This connection is present in the form of the invisible, dynamic life force known as chi (also written as “ch’i” and “qi”). Through the living practice of feng shui, we unlock the ability to see and work with this vital energy at the level of the inner landscape and its reflection in the spaces that surround us.

Closely aligned with the cycles and spirit of nature, feng shui originated in ancient times as an intuitive art and a living expression of the miraculous, undeniable interconnectedness of all things.

the miraculous, undeniable interconnectedness of all things…

Being with the Tao, or the constant flow and rhythm of the natural world, was a daily given in all ancient cultures, anchored by diet and place. This orientation was reflected in a body of knowledge, based on the I Ching, or Book of Changes, which reveals a study of the laws of change in terms of complementary antagonisms: yin and yang, light and dark, front and back, masculine and feminine, day and night, sun and moon.

The cosmic dance of chi through its emergence in the two complementary manifestations of the natural world, yin and yang, informs the trigrams of the bagua, a symbolic grid that’s used to offer an energetic reading of any space. The subtle energies inherent in the outer environment strongly affect our internal landscape as well.

When we make changes in the outer world, we have an opportunity to look at what is corresponding in our inner bagua, the arrangement of our own consciousness and the perspective through which we view the world around us. At those moments, insights can occur with an inspiring simplicity and elegance: they are connected to a pattern, an inner relationship of a world that is changing all the time.

At those moments, insights can occur with an inspiring simplicity and elegance…

Intuition is the key to experiencing these creative transformations of chi. Intuitive Feng Shui® is a study and practice that embraces all approaches while ultimately relying on an individual’s original intuitive ability. We might describe the world with our intellect, but we experience the world through our intuition. Love, humor, friendship, emotion, creativity, inspiration – these are the realm of our everyday, intuitive experience. They are very different than the terms we reach for in order to attempt to describe them. And, though they will never leave us, we are being drawn away from them by modern technology, mechanization and an emerging virtual reality.

We are able to cultivate a deeper authenticity in our lives…

By encountering our native intuitive gifts and experiencing their life-changing connections, we’re able to cultivate a deeper authenticity in our lives as we face the myriad of challenges on both a personal and collective level. As we cultivate our inner world and grow more familiar with the life force within, we become increasingly less concerned about outer world appearances, focusing instead on creating harmony within. Serving ourselves in this way, with humility and grace, is the greatest gift to nature. This is also the gift of exploring the world of chi through the study of Intuitive Feng Shui®.

Photo credit: Paula Sanderson

About William Spear
Hailed by the New York Times for writing “the most user-friendly translation of feng shui for American audiences” with the 1995 publication of his book “Feng Shui Made Easy,” William Spear established himself in the field of feng shui when only a handful of books on the subject were available in English. He went on to develop his registered service mark, Intuitive Feng Shui®, the premise of which is that working from the inside out is a powerful process of clearing.

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