Depression? Here Are Some Feng Shui Clues…

I was with a client recently that has depression. They did not tell me this, as sometimes happens with clients. I only surmised it after reviewing their home and our conversation and then gently asking, “Do you suffer from depression?”

Feng Shui and DepressionWorking with them, I was able to identify several clues inside and outside their home that contributed to their depression. Better yet, I was able to give them adjustments.

According to Psychology Today, more than 15 million Americans suffer from depression.  It’s insidious nature affects the body, mind, and spirit. It spirals out, affecting loved ones and friends, touching everything in its path.

If our homes are a reflection of our minds, then our minds are a reflection of our homes as well. If you have depressive tendencies you will be attracted to properties that reflect that condition. In addition, you will create the physical environment to exacerbate depression.

According to Nancy “Andie” SantoPietro, in Feng Shui & Health: The Anatomy of a Home, “all illnesses have a specific vibration or vibrational pattern with which they resonate and that those same patterns of illness can be re-created in our homes and in our daily surroundings.” Nancy suggests an approach that works on the inside, using the Chakras, and the outside, with Feng Shui, to break the energy patterns around illness.

Here are some environmental (Feng Shui) clues to depression:

  • Lows ceilings (lower than 8 feet) or beams overhead – even the popular tray ceilings cause compression of the head
  • High electromagnetic fields (EMFs) – these can lead to feelings of paranoia as well as lower the immune system
  • Lack of artwork or poor symbolism in chosen artwork
  • Overly yin spaces (such as basements or lacking windows) and/or lots of dark colors on the walls
  • Lack of the ability to see the doorway from bed, which leads to feelings of vulnerability
  • Appearance of clutter in spaces that the client has control over
  • Leaks in the home (this client had multiple leaks from all areas of the house)
  • Problems with electrical system
  • Poor lighting
  • Clogged duct work or plumbing
  • A split view upon entering the home
  • Doors or windows that are currently blocked or jammed closed

Above are just a few of the indications to be aware of when working with a client or reviewing your home. Basically, look for poor symbolism, very yin energy (quiet, dark, overgrown, etc.) or a house needing repairs.

The cures? As with any illness, seeking help from a medical practitioner is advised, in addition to working with the environment. Essentially, you will need to bring more yang energy or life and vibrancy back into the home, such as reducing EMFs, sunlight and fresh air, lighting that is upward-directed, bright colors and uplifting artwork, and making those repairs that have been neglected.

With these adjustments the environment will reflect a more positive image back to you and aid in raising depressive tendencies.




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