Feng Shui Question on Placement of Plants

Another great question came to me today and when I started to respond, I realized that I need to explain more. So here we go….


If i place a bamboo plant in a room, and it is not in the area related to bringing about financial gains, can I expect negative results? In other words, is it better not to have it in the room at all if it isn't placed properly?

My Response:

Plants are great, plants are great, plants are great!  Have plants no matter what! However, see first if you can place plants in the areas that are best for Wood energy, such as the Family/Health, Wealth, or Fame areas of the room (see how you can apply the energetic grid – bagua – to your home).

Perhaps you want to arrange your plants by a window or for other reasons. Check to see what element naturally resides in that area of the room:

If it's the Relationship or Self-Knowledge areas – Ruled by Earth. Earth and Wood are in a conflicting relationship, so have plants in clay pots or pottery, which symbolizes Earth. Or arrange some stones by the plants to help boost the Earth in this area.

If it's Creativity/Children or the Helpful People areas – Ruled by Metal. Metal and Wood are also in a conflicting relationship, so you can use metal pots or a metal stand.

If it's Career area – Ruled by Water and actually supports Wood. But the Wood element can drain the Water energy, so place a water fountain, bowl of water (that you change regularly), aquarium, or an image of water here.

Live, healthy plants bring great energy into the space and helps us connect to the natural world. They are so important to our health: body, mind and spirit!


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