How Feng Shui Works

Feng shui chiFeng shui is all about the vibrations of chi!

From physics we know that everything in the universe (natural and man made) contains atoms, energy and vibrations.

“We are an an electric charge…human beings and all living things are a coalescence of energy in a field of energy connected to every other thing in the world.” (Lynn McTaggart in her book The Field).

In other words, this electric charge that physicists talk about is what the Chinese call “chi.”

The chi of heaven, earth & feng shui

The sun, moon, stars and planets all radiate their chi, or life force energy, down to the Earth’s atmosphere. It circulates down into the soil and water. In turn, chi funnels into our buildings through our doors and windows, our hallways and each room.

This universal energy merges with the energetic vibrations of everything in your home or work space, including colors, furnishings, shapes of rooms, fabrics, even artwork and this energy combines in various patterns. Eventually it influences the chi of body, mind, and spirit of all who reside there.

You ARE Where You Live!

They say, we attract what we are. We attract certain energetic patterns into our lives, be it people, places, objects, or situations.

If you vibrate on the lower end of the scale, you can attract illness, depression, as well as challenging relationships and work. It can effect every area of your life. You will have a negative impact on your home.

Or, sometimes, the home you live in has negative energy and it impacts your life. A space will reflect this lower energy pattern, either physically (clutter and neglect) or invisibly (spiritually). Sometimes the home LOOKS fine, but the negative energy results in a dullness, staleness or sad feeling. Oftentimes, my clients say that it doesn’t feel like home. They have not been able to “bond” with it because the vibration of their chi doesn’t match.

When you understand this connection between your environment and well-being, you can make positive shifts in your environment to enhance your chi and hopefully break any negative patterns.

Feng shui taps into the positive flow of chi available in the environment to positively impact our lives!

In How Feng Shui Works – Part 2 I explain how chi influences our homes in more detail.

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