How to Read the Feng Shui of a Space

how to read feng shui in a spaceHow do you know if you have good feng shui in your home? At work? Here are a few tips that you can use even if you have no knowledge of feng shui principles.

First, feng shui is about the feeling of a space. So we are not going to talk about logic and rational thinking. It’s all about tapping into our inner senses, our intuition.

You might say, “I’m not intuitive,” but you are wrong. We all have intuition, just some people are more adept because either they are more sensitive than most or they have learned over time to listen to it.

To tap into your intuitive sensing ability, it’s important to find some stillness. We are so often bombarded with thoughts and messages from the outer world that is hard to notice the subtle messages from the inner world.

Be still and breathe. Perhaps close your eyes and center.

Then, walk around the space with heightened awareness. Do you sense anything at all from any of your senses?

With the eyes, it is sometimes easier to detect energy if you are unfocused. You may notice areas that seem more dull and dark, or areas that seem to sparkle with light.

You may smell odors or hear sounds that give you an indication of clarity or stuck energy.  Many people actually feel bodily sensations such as coldness or warmth, or a sick feeling in their stomach or headache.

Hands are great barometers in energy healing, so they work well in sensing the energy of our spaces, too. First, sensitize your hands by rubbing them together. Then walk around the room with your hands somewhat relaxed and hovering above furnishings, objects or even walls.

The most important thing with sensing and reading is to acknowledge your findings. Do not dismiss anything. Over time, you will be able to tell if areas have good feng shui or not.

When fixes are needed, then that’s when the knowledge of feng shui is valuable!

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