Quarantine Feng Shui Energy Shift

quarantine feng shui energy It comes down to one simple question: Do you still feel that your home matches your energy?

Let’s back up a minute…

Our homes are a reflection of our inner world. It’s a space that we can creatively express ourselves; who we are and what we value. It’s a place where we collect memories and symbols of how we see ourselves, or what we aspire to. Sometimes, our homes are a reflection of who we used to be, things that we are holding onto, for good or ill.

And just like any relationship that we have, the relationship we have with our homes is deeply personal. When we change inside, we may outgrow an old friend or even a lover.

Same with our homes.

Like it or not, we are all changing. In fact, we change constantly throughout our lives. We are not the same person we were last year, or even last Tuesday.

But at this time of the Covid 19 Pandemic, this is a massive, overwhelming-at-times change, that is happening to all of us at once.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are changing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

In short, we are no longer the people we were before Covid-19 (I like to say B.C.).

At the same time, we are confined to our homes which has made us relate to our homes differently. Some of us are working from our home for the first time. Others are having to supervise home learning and expanded activities with their children. Some of us have additional family members that moved back in prior to lock-down. Some of us have to relate to others 24 x 7. Some have no one in their physical environments and have had to connect to others 100% through technology.

Our homes are more important than ever. Even though they’ve always been our shelter and hopefully, our sanctuary, our homes have become the only place where we can relax and feel secure. After coming home from the grocery store, we can take off the mask and the gloves and breathe.

And now that you sit around your home 24 x 7, do you feel that it still nurtures you? Do you feel connected to it anymore? Have you outgrown it in some way…perhaps physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually?

This is a question I find so many pondering lately. Students, clients, friends, and family.

We have all been on a crazy treadmill of activity that has literally sped up over the last few decades. We were working harder and faster, than before. Against all logic, the faster we worked, the more we had to do. How did that happen?

And now, for many of us, the treadmill has come to a screeching halt.

In this time of stillness we can actually FEEL. 

We may not know how we are changing and it may take a while for that information to unfold, but many of us can sense that we no longer feel right in our homes.

And although this is not the ideal time to consider moving, and in fact, that would be a bad idea since we are still in the throes of change, it is a perfect time to observe your feelings about your home and see what you can do to enhance your connection to it.

Perhaps take a journal or some paper and write some feelings you have while observing your relationship to the space around you:

  • How do you feel in this space?
  • Is there anything that bores, drains, or perhaps, irritates you now?
  • Are there any unfinished projects that you could complete now?
  • What colors do you crave?
  • What images do you want to surround you every day?
  • Where do you find yourself hanging out every day? Do you feel nurtured, or drained there?
  • How can you express yourself more fully in your home?
  • How well does your home connect with the natural world? Through plants, natural materials, sunlight, nature views, color, patterns, images?

Remember, just like any relationship in our life, our connection evolves. Consider how you can honor yourself by evolving the energy around you.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below and please share with others!


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