The Power of Presence & Responsibility For Our Consciousness

Early in the Covid pandemic, I was feeling a lot of heaviness from the news and people around me. So I started reading more about consciousness and spirituality. I felt really lucky to have spent the last two decades studying yoga, meditation, and feng shui.  I had a good foundation of understanding how energy works.

But this was a chance to really put these ideas into practice.

And I also realized that other people could really benefit from remembering these concepts (I do believe we are all know this stuff, deep down). So I spent several months developing an online course that I taught live in January 2021.

Here are some of the ideas I shared:

1.  Being Here

I was inspired by readings of Eckhart Tolle on the importance of being present in our lives. It’s amazing how often we are stuck in the past or worrying about the future. And we so often miss the beauty in the present moment, available to us, right now. The idea that our lives are only this…this specific moment…and that our lives are just a string of these specific moments. Brilliant!

2. Our Presence
I was also inspired by the founder of Black Hat Feng Shui, Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun. Something he said in class stuck with me all these years: BE THE CURE. What he meant was this: it’s not what we say or do that really matters, it’s our presence, how we ARE being in the world, that is most important and impactful.

3. Boots on the Ground
Next, my analytical mind loves charts. So, I was attracted to the Map of Consciousness in the book, Power Vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, by Dr. David Hawkins. Dr. Hawkins developed this chart to illustrate how human emotions relate to levels of consciousness.

As the title suggests, Hawkins defines the terms power and force. Force, he writes, is aggressive, unconscious, ego-based energy that is essentially weak. Power is balance, hope, optimism, compassion, and is strength.

As this book suggests, I believe that our soul’s mission is to continually grow and evolve as a species by raising our consciousness.  Many years ago, people who chose this work we enter the monastery or isolate themselves from society. They would focus on meditation and prayer.

But in these modern times, so many more of us are being called to evolve our consciousness now and need to do it among all the distractions of the modern material world.

And this is what we are doing, so many of us on the spiritual path at this time.

We are learning how to be our best selves while engaging in day-to-day life, instead of in a monastery, which we did many lifetimes before.

We are required to be OF this world, right now. Alert and compassionate. Balancing the masculine and feminine.

In his book, Hawkins says that we born at a level of consciousness and that our mission is to grow and evolve to higher levels of consciousness. However, many of us grow very little, if at all. We can become stuck in that same level of consciousness throughout our lifetime, be it fear, grief, or anger.

Of course, these are emotions we all experience at times, but we do not have to live there. Even when we evolve to a level of Love, we can be triggered into the lower emotions of anger or disappointment. This is what it is to be human. The difference is, we can move out of that emotion more quickly than before.

4. Consciousness = Light
Just needs to be mentioned here. Higher consciousness means greater light and less shadow. Lower consciousness means less light and more shadow.

Some Other Thoughts on Raising Consciousness

The quality of our light determines our power and the quality of our life.
By selecting which currents we release and which we reinforce, we determine the quality of our light, the effect we will have on others, and the nature of our life experiences.

We can raise the frequency of our consciousness.
By releasing low-frequency thoughts or emotions, we naturally allow higher frequencies into our consciousness. Resistance to what is, to unwanted situations in our lives, inhibits growth and keeps us stuck. Acceptance of what is present in our lives allows growth and positive shifts forward.

We can reach higher levels of existence.
If we are aware of the light of our soul consciousness, we can expand our awareness and reach a higher level of existence.

Both feminine and masculine consciousness each have positive and negative traits.
For the most part, we have lived in the negative aspects of both masculine and feminine. Our goal on this earth is to transition to the positive attributes of both polarities: Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

The more we ascend the ladder of consciousness, the more exponentially powerful our presence is and positive impact on others.
Our goal is to raise our consciousness, and the ripple effect is exponentially greater with each step.

Our most important contribution for a more positive planet is to do our personal work.
Great shifts do not require the majority or even close to a majority of the people to awaken to this work. We only need some fraction of humanity to be dedicated to personal work and raising their consciousness which will raise everyone up.

Raising consciousness is what brings more light into the world. And we don’t even have to TRY to impact others.
I love this concept that I heard Sandra Ingerman, shaman, say: just “BEING” is enough. Remember, where I started with my inspirations. It’s about our presence and how we are BEING in this world that truly matters.

So, when I hear so many people concerned with the state of the world, I totally get it. But I have to remind myself not to sit in fear. That is all too easy (and dare I say, lazy) to do. That will only lead to what I fear.

So, I take the positive steps toward the future that I want to have. I get out and vote, volunteer at my local nature education center, be kind and compassionate with others, including my family! Remind myself of what I want the future to be, and hold the higher octaves of the emotions of love and compassion in my heart.  And then, I just BE…


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