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I’ve done several kitchen and bath projects on my home in recent years and one of my favorite parts is selecting tile. And then, looking at what element the tile represents according the feng shui principles: wood, fire, earth, metal or water. If you are remodeling your bathroom as well I highly recommend that you check out the bathrooms suites at Bathroom City.


My master bathroom is in the Romance & Relationship area of my home, so I wanted the Earth element to be dominant. I selected earth tone colors and a beautiful stone tile for the shower floor and part of the tub surround (Pebble tile mosaics):

Tiles themselves, because they are made from the earth, are broadly considered the Earth element, however, some tile can have other elements as well, be it color, shape or texture.

Below is an example of representative of the Metal element – gray, white and round shapes (Cement tile by VIA):

Metal_Via Cement Tile








The Fire element is represented by the color red in this Aladdin tile by New Ravenna. Even the shape seems like flames a bit:

Fire Red_Tiles_New Ravenna Aladen Tile_Garnet







The Wood element is a fun twist on tile. I incorporated wood “planks” such as this, into my master bath, to counterplay with the stone tile. To me, the room feels like I’m in the woods! (Cabot Porcelain Redwood Series): wood tile_Cabot Porcelain Redwood Series





And finally, the Water element. This has got to be one of the coolest tiles I’ve seen yet! (glass backspash by Evit):

Water_Evit glass backplash


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