Using Sound to “Clear” Your Home

silver bells

One of the basic premises of good Feng Shui is that the space (building, room, nature area) is free of unwanted, negative energy. If negative energy resides there, the space cannot be “Feng Shui’d” into a positive space without the techniques of what we call a space clearing.

Space clearing doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to have the right intention and be sincere about dispelling the negative and bringing in the positive. And one of my favorite ways to clear a space is to use sound.

Here are some great ways to use sound to clear a space:

Bells, bowls, and baubles – For use in space clearings, I have several pieces that I love to use including Tibetan bells, singing bowl, and a beautiful Balinese bell that I selected just for me. (It’s best to hear the instruments that you buy first since each resonate differently and have to appeal to you).

Historically, bells are associated with religious ritual, warding off evil spirits and connecting to heavenly energy. I always start at the front door and work my way around the home, making sure that I go into each corner of each room to break up any negative or stale energy and allowing it to dissipate out of opened windows and doors. Being the Holiday Season there is no shortage of bells in my home!

Wind chimes – Metal or wood wind chimes are a great way to keep energy flowing once you have cleared a space. They can enhance a particularly difficult spot that retains stale energy, such as corners. They are great to place over your work area, including your desk chair and stove.

Door bells – Make sure your door bells work in your home. If they don’t work properly, you are draining energy from your home.

The sound of cheer – One of my favorite ways of clearing space is to have a great, joyful party! Housewarming parties are great for new homeowners. I’ve also recommended these parties to clients that have had particularly challenging times. Parties bring lots of cheerful energy and can really move the stagnant chi in your home!

And since this is the Holiday Season, I highly recommend you have a party! And don’t forget to invite me!

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