4 Easy Steps to Apply Feng Shui to Your Home Exterior

Below is a segment of an article that I contributed to at redfin.com. For the full article, click here. 

Tip #2: Design Your Front Porch and Door


Often, the key to good feng shui lies in the front door. Your home gets its energy nourishment through its front door, so you want it to be strong and balanced. It has to promote the open flow of energy, and the color must be in harmony with the direction in which it opens. Use this chart to help you decide on the best possible front door color for feng shui.


* This color chart is based on the Five Element Color Theory and provided by Maureen Calamia at Luminous Spaces.

You also need to ensure that your front door is always in good shape or you’ll risk attracting negative energy. Make sure its paint isn’t chipped or cracked, and keep it clean with the hinges oiled.


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