Trees Are Family

In the last two days I heard two disturbing stories from family members. Both concerned trees in their developments.

One said that their condo association management removed all of the trees directly in front of the building because the roots were buckling the walkway and repair costs became “too much.”

My brother-in-law, a very rational, logical guy, expressed his dismay at losing these trees. He said that the development looks like “an army barracks.” The beautiful shade and birds are gone.

Another on Facebook said they received a notice from their property management company that all trees and flowerbeds would be uprooted during a new drainage and roadway project. “Once the project is completed and new flowerbeds are installed. No one is allowed to plant anything in the new beds at any time under any circumstances. Any plantings found will removed.” Including my cousin’s beloved tree that marks the years of her children and grandchildren growing up.

This project is probably an effort to maintain “beauty” consistently throughout the community without those lawns and gardens that may be unsightly. Oh no!

So they sacrifice, not only the personality and variety each homeowner brings to their space, for the sake of sameness.

This is so wrong for a host of reasons. Let’s start with the fact that it’s our uniqueness that makes this world a fun place to live in! It’s our gifts, our quirks and our different perspectives that keeps us vibrant and alive!

And of course, what these management organizations don’t recognize (or fail to consider) is that our trees and gardens serve much more than provide beauty. We often develop deep bonds. They are family.

When I walk through my garden I reflect on the circumstances around planting this tree or that plant. I wonder how the land has changed over the years and I am grateful for not only the beauty they provide, but the colors, shapes, shade and nests for abundant wildlife. I consider how much more these trees and plants are connected under the earth, what is invisible to us. And how it is now proven that they communicate between each other, sending nourishment and warnings.

Here’s a great summary on the benefits of trees.

And there is a ton of research about the impact of trees on us and in our communities.

Do you have trees on your property? Consider planting one today! Someone down the road will thank you for it.



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