The Secret to the Invisible Energy of Our Furniture

“It’s like a homecoming.” This is what my friend said when she was finally reunited with her furnishings and stuff after a year of living in a furnished house.

She went on to explain that she didn’t realize how much the furnishings in this home were impacting her until now. “The woman that lived here before had a very busy, chaotic life. I didn’t realize how unsettled I felt until I brought my furniture in.”

Although her house is filled with boxes and looks chaotic right now, having her own stuff again brings a sense of calm that she didn’t realize she was missing. Ahhh….

The sight of her dishes nearly brought tears to her eyes.”

Her story reminded me of a similar situation with my sister. After years of living in a “temporary” furnished apartment, I helped her unpack the storage boxes when she finally moved into her new house. The sight of her dishes nearly brought tears to her eyes. The emotion was palpable.

Why is it that? 

When we are parted from our belongings we experience a detachment from our spaces. Our feeling of home shifts, ever so subtly (and for some probably not so subtly).

We are often unaware of the impact of these items but there is a vibrational dissonance. On an energetic level we are no longer surrounded by the “vibes”  we are so familiar with. We may begin to pick up on the emotions or lifestyle of the owner. Even those that are highly sensitive, like my friend, may not even realize it until later.

Come to think of it, I’m reminded of stories of organ donors having similar experiences with changing emotions and lifestyles! It’s the same thing.

I’m a great proponent of acquiring used furniture as a means to reduce waste and to be more sustainable, but do consider the energy associated with it.

What to do?

Regardless if your home is full of someone else’s furniture or if you have one piece from an antique store, you can clear the energetic imprint of the previous owners.

I use a special clearing technique from my feng shui training, however, the most popular technique is smudging. To smudge you need a sage stick and a light. Light the stick, let it burn a few seconds and then blow out the flame. The smoke from the sage is what you will use to clear the old energy. Go around each piece of furniture with the intention of removing the old energy and allowing freshness and white light in. (For more a more detailed space clearing ceremony, check out this article.)

If you are living in a furnished home and you remove the predecessor’s energy you will still need to incorporate some of your stuff into your home. Hang a few pieces of artwork, unpack your plates and utensils, and have the comfort of your sofa pillows. You’ll be glad you did!

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