The Shifting Landscapes of the Divine Feminine Age

feng shui spirituality consciousnessIn this age of change, of shifting landscapes and blurry vision, our concepts of everything are being challenged. This is not new to any of us, whose consciousness has been awakened; for us Lightworkers. What is new is the accelerating speed at which this is all occurring.

We have stepped into unknown territory. We are in a “liminal space,” a portal between here and there, between what was and what is to be.

While in this “liminal space” we are growing spiritually at an accelerated rate. Sometimes very challenging situations are presenting themselves in our lives and we are challenged to conquer and release them once and for all. As we do that, our light grows exponentially.

And this is where my focus has been for the last three years. As with many of you, the pandemic initiated a fork in the road for me, and I am so very grateful.

In a dream I had the other night, I am told to swallow an acorn, whole. After it goes through my digestive track, I pick it up and notice tiny green tendrils coming out of it, seeds for a new hybrid human, infused with nature spirit. I woke up before I could plant it. But in mind heart, I did, and hope you do, too.

I am reminded that the acorn is a symbol of growth and unlimited potential. Many of us are tapping into that unlimited potential of our consciousness.

Consciousness + Spiritual Path

My work is now focused on consciousness – and helping others on their spiritual path, still using some of the same tools as I have used for years, including feng shui, earth energy healing, and ceremony, but the consciousness and light of these techniques have upshifted.

And I notice a need to lighten up on my “touch.” It’s hard to put into words. But it’s a “fluffier” version of what I do. Not fluffy, as in surface. But fluffy as in less dense. Much like how we’re trained to hold chi gong hands: to cultivate the soft. There is no gripping, just a light openness and relaxed stance. Although this concept is not new, it is even more heightened now.

Our energy, or chi, has a much greater influence than ever before, and we need to take responsibility for and respect the impact of our energy in the world. Again, this is nothing new, and many spiritual master teachers and awakened ones have been practicing this all along, especially in feng shui. It’s just now, it is has become more accessible perhaps and more critical to our paths.

While many of us Lightworkers have been focusing on perfecting technique, in whatever modality we practice, that is much less important than the quality of our energy and consciousness.

I was trained under H.H. Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun, and one thing he said has always stayed with me, but since the pandemic, it has been my mantra: “Be the cure.” In other words, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” (Gandhi) I am grateful for that wisdom, which has kept me on the path of continuing spiritual growth. This has been my “destination.”

And as I’ve grown in spiritual awareness, my path has led me to work on a higher level of consciousness, and presence and mindfulness teachings of many spiritual masters.

My consulting work, and teachings, are constantly evolving, and are more focused on raising consciousness about our connection to nature outside, and within ourselves. To rise outside the traditional way of working in feng shui and other healing modalities. To tap into the higher realms of spirit that are becoming available to many of us now. Some call it 5D consciousness. Some call it the Divine Feminine. Some even say it’s the Age of Aquarius. It’s all the above, only the labels are different.

The path has led me here, to this place in time. I’ve listened to my dreams and meditations, gave weight to synchronicities that I experienced, to people I’ve met, topics I’ve been drawn to.  I’ve applied concepts to my own life. I’ve experienced amazing transformations, as well as deep disappointments. But that does not stop me from knowing deep down what is right. I do it with excitement and enthusiasm for the joy of discovery and exploration!

Studying in this path, in this way, continues to deepen and strengthen my sense of self and how I can help others.

As many of my feng shui and spiritual teachers have shown me, our work is uniquely our own. If we take what we’ve learned and integrate and blend in our unique skills, talents, and passions, that is what makes us exceptional. Following our own path, our own star!


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