The Ineffable Plan – And Our Dark Places…

It is amazing how the same problems show up in our lives, just when we thought we conquered them.

For someone like me, and perhaps you, when we’ve done a lot of personal work, we think we’ve moved passed this “stuff.” You know what I mean. The stuff that’s grueling. Makes us angry or frustrated. Makes us feel fearful and anxious.

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But no. Although I’ve heard it many times before for many spiritual teachers, we never get “there” – a place beyond our humanness…our  emotions and tribulations. Our spontaneous reactions to problems. Our need to control.

Instead, we encounter these situations from a higher place as we evolve as spiritual beings. The energy of our lives moves in a spiral, which brings us over and over again to encounter and confront the dark parts. Or not.

But when we are truly on a spiritual path, we cannot avoid these situations any longer.

And not only that we bring an awareness that we may not have had before, and a sense of observing ourselves and how we are responding. If we can do that, we can act in a way that is not a knee-jerk response. We can ask for help from a therapist or healer or a higher source.

Is it work? Yes. Is it still painful? Yes. But rather than being years, or decades, in that dark space (which has happened for me!), it may be months, or weeks, or days. (Perhaps even minutes!)

THAT is the reason to start a spiritual practice or to recommit to one. (Here’s a post on my personal spiritual path.)

Because of our humanness, when we are immersed within the darkness yet again, we think “WHY ME?!”

Ah, yes. This is the time we most need to trust in the process and to find our center again. 

I was just listening to a video from the Shaman’s Cave on Youtube, with one of my favorite well-known teachers, Sandra Ingerman. She and Renee Baribeau discussed the topic of Obstacles, and how, when we encounter them, how are we to know if they are pushing us in a new direction or that we must move past them? Yes, this is something that confuses me sometimes. Am I being tested for my commitment and endurance, or am I being guided down a different path? (Here’s a link in case you want to watch).

Obstacles are throwing us out of our center. And the answer to that question is only found within. (Of course!)

So big hugs to you all, as I know many of you are in this same place. I hear it from so many around me.

Take heart. Trust in the “ineffable plan” (nod to those that watched Good Omens – a fabulous diversion ;- )

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