I’ve Done Feng Shui Cures…And Nothing Changed

I get this question from time to time:

I’ve done the feng shui cures so why haven’t I found a job (or relationship, or have better finances, or improved health, etc.)?

three lucks Chinese metaphysics

One just came through to my inbox, so I decided it was time to respond here.

Feng shui is just one part of the whole. In Chinese metaphysics there are three prongs to the manifestation of how our lives will play out. It is called the Three Lucks and is a great reminder of how to lives our lives in harmony with our highest selves. It’s also known as the Cosmic Trinity.

  1. Heaven Luck
  2. Human Luck
  3. Earth Luck

Heaven Luck

Also known as fate or destiny. This has to do with our time, location, and circumstances of our birth. Who our parents are, siblings, ancestors. Our socio-economic circumstances. Essentially it is the horoscope of the individual, also known as a birth or natal chart. It’s the conditions surrounding our soul’s incarnation. While in this lifetime, this is completely out of our control. It is what it is.

heaven luck


Human Luck

This is our education, the choices that we make throughout our lives. It is our behavior, our words, even our thoughts. This luck is part of our free will and completely within our control. We can choose to become more educated in our craft or interests. We can choose to be more grateful, generous, humble, compassionate, and loving. We can choose to strive ever higher in our lives.

human luck Chinese metaphysics

Earth Luck

Finally, this luck refers to the quality of our environments, both our homes and work spaces. It’s also the land we choose to live on. This luck is also our free will, for the most part, and within our control. What we do with our environments can greatly impact our luck. We can improve our environments by bringing in the practice of feng shui principles.

bagua earth luck Chinese metaphyscis


So in reference to the question above, why is it that, after doing all sorts of feng shui cures, you did not see any results?

It may be that the timing is not right or the desire is not appropriate for you (Heaven Luck).

It may be that you have not done the “Human Luck” part of the equation. Perhaps you have not changed your behavior, thoughts, and words, to support this desire.

And then, of course, it could be that you didn’t do the feng shui (Earth Luck) correctly.

Read this post for more on Human Luck, feng shui and personal responsibility. 

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