We Are in a Collective Liminal Space

liminal space I first heard the term “liminal” when I was writing about rites of passage, or traditional initiation process.  The first step of this 3-phase process is known as the “liminal” or “threshold” as you are about to enter the experience.

Not long after, I came across Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, while researching online. I was inspired by the titles of her books and ordered Like a Tree: How Women, Trees, and Tree People Can Save the Planet to read last winter. I signed up for her newsletters and soon learned about an upcoming an online workshop with the words “Liminal Space” in the title. Synchronicity.

At the same time, I had been thinking of opening a women’s circle, which was an extension of what I started back in 2020. And the words “Liminal Space” felt so right. And it seemed like a close cousin for my business name, Luminous Spaces.

All the while, I had been reaching out to interview Jean for my newest book, Places We Love, which includes stories of profound experiences in nature. Although, she agreed to the interview, somehow, we could never connect.

This passed summer, her name came coming up in odd places – again synchronicity. One was an astrology podcast discussing the connection between depth psychology and astrology. So, again, I knew I had to try one more time to connect with her. And finally, I did!

I interviewed Jean at the end of August for the book, and was so taken by her energy and loving kindness. Plus, she, like me, will never stop following her passion and life’s journey with curiosity. Even in her crone stage, she approaches life, as I hope to continue to, with childlike wonder!

We shared our interesting synchronicities with attempting to connect and then, finally, the timing was right.

Jean shares that this pandemic is a liminal space that is a gift. We have been given the opportunity to reflect and be still. And many people have awakened to a deeper calling in life. They have found the opportunity to discover themselves and what makes them happy, to feel again, to live from their heart.

Although the world may feel like “The Upside Down” (“Stranger Things” followers take note), we are precisely where we should be.

Jean calls on us all to spend time discovering our true, authentic path. It must be something that we feel is meaningful, fun (interesting!), and from a place of love.

Watch Jean in this 15-minute inspiring video on this liminal space and fall in love with her spirit, as I have. :-)

And I did create that Inner Circle. Check it out and perhaps join us for our next monthly session.

Although I had finished the first draft of my manuscript by now, my interview with Jean will, fittingly, go at the end, a soulful, heartfelt ending to my book.

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