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spiritual mentoring[Written May 2022]

Last month I emailed about the much-awaited conjunction (connection) between the planets of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. It was on April 12th…and wondering if you had anything special happen?  Did any blessings occur for you? 

If not, just remember that this energy will last through the end of May!

So keep your eye on the prize. Your hands steady on the wheel. And you may get a nice surprise or something that you’ve been working towards will finally happen!

But some of you, myself included, may have had some great challenging situations arise with relationships. This past weekend was the New Moon in Taurus, which was also a partial solar eclipse. So this weekend may have been rocky, with some shocking news, but hopefully things feel much better for you now!

What does this have to do with feng shui? Well, astrology is all about energy fields interwoven in our lives. And the planets and stars are nature, too!

I sometimes tap into astrology with my clients, both feng shui and spiritual mentoring ones. Although I am not a professional astrologer, I often lend some assistance to my clients, especially when going through a real challenging time.

I have always found it helpful to understand what is happening in my chart, how long it will last, and, most importantly, what can I learn from this experience. What area of my life is being triggered? Where do I need to put attention and dig deep.

Astrology and the planets have the uncanny ability to shine the light on our shadows. Don’t ignore them, or they will come back to bite you when they cycle around again. 

If you are experiencing challenging times and would like some help with your spiritual journey, I do have a few openings in my calendar to support you.

Check out my spiritual mentoring sessions, which may include astrology, tarot, meditative practices, soul journeying, and perhaps even a bit of feng shui.

Let me know how I might help you along your path. CLICK HERE


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