Once a Wood, Always a Wood…

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Love this photo! It’s symbolism is fierce competition…the epitome of the Wood Element. It somewhat depicts me although I am no runner (my son inherited this gene from my husband!). But rather than compete with others, I’m trying to outdo myself in some way – new ideas, more expansive projects, expanding my reach. Always doing, doing, doing.

I was always this way. But some people don’t see this in themselves. 

Often, when the conversation turns to my book, people ask if our elements change throughout our lives.

I’m not an expert (well, I guess I am) but I’ll tell you what I think. I’ve been studying astrology since I’m 13 years old. In astrology the date, time and location of our birth gives us the ability to chart where the stars were located at that precise time. This is called a natal chart. It is a blueprint of our personalities, our strengths and weaknesses.

However, we are not predetermined at birth because we have free will. We either choose to develop those strengths or not. We choose to succumb to those weaknesses time after time, or learn to overcome.

So it is from this place that I say, “Once a Wood, always a Wood.”

But I find that a disproportionate number of women relate to the Earth Element. Earth is the archetype of the Peacemaker. It’s characteristics are most closely associated with the best qualities of a mother: nurturing, stable, diplomatic, responsible, and loving.

Why is this? (That women identify with Earth?)

It’s pretty clear to me that, it’s more nurture than nature.

In early childhood, I believe that we are who we are. That is why I ask you to consider your childhood stories in the assessments in my book, Creating Luminous Spaces.

What are the standout experiences you have from childhood? How did you respond to that experience? What are the stories that you tell to others? What makes you smile and feel good about yourself as a child? 

Unfortunately, for some, our True Nature’s are suppressed by our parents or siblings, or the need to fit in at school. It’s suppressed by life experience and our inability to stand our ground.

For others, life’s experiences may require us to more fully develop an Element that is dormant. We may need to step into a new archetype, regardless of the fit with our True Nature. Hence we come to identify with that Element. 

In this way, I do believe so many women take on the mantle of Earth. That’s what society values. Even though your True Nature may be Metal, you need to develop the qualities of Earth when you become a mother.

For men, I also see a disproportionate number NOT associated with Earth. Many hide their Earth because those qualities are considered mother energy. They take on more of the Wood Element (competition, courage, pioneering) or Metal (the authority, leader, disciplinarian).

So when you take the True Nature assessments in my book, spend some time really considering your responses. If your responses would differ then (childhood, early adulthood) to what your responses are now, why is that?

Who are you really? Only you know that!

Although I’m an expert, so are you. What is your experience? Do you have a different or similar viewpoint? I want to hear your story…


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