Creating a Feng Shui Garden: Wood element


Among the basics of Feng Shui, the 5 Elements are, I feel, the most creative way to establish balance in a space and can be the most fun!

The Wood element is predominant in the Spring, representing new growth and flexibility, yet strength. Wood also represents New Beginnings and Inspiration.

In a Feng Shui garden, you could argue that the Wood element is most of everything that is there and alive. But we’ll take a look at some items in the garden that we can attribute specifically to the Wood element (versus Water, Fire, Earth and Metal).

Wood colors are green and blue. Blue spruce trees and a variety of blue-flowered plants (such as hydrangea) are perfect examples of the blue Wood color.

Wood is tall and vertical shapes. Arborvitaes and cypress trees are perfect examples of the Wood shape.

Creating a Feng Shui Garden: Wood element

Wood can be integrated through wood furnishings, structures and decoration such as this beautiful garden gate.

Creating a Feng Shui Garden: Wood element

Enjoy integrating the Wood element into your garden this Spring!


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Photo credits: (top); William P. Steele (bottom)

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